A titanium-made iPhone X is now available for pre-order for $4,500


Apple's iPhone X is not going to make its debut on the market until early November, but even then, it will be a very expensive smartphone. Not that other flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and most likely the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 won't cost a fortune as well.

In any case, if you're not the kind of person who purchases regular smartphones, but still want Apple's iPhone X, then Caviar might have what you're looking for.

The Russian company known for its more expensive replicas of popular flagships has just announced it is now taking pre-orders for the luxury iPhone X, a smartphone made of titanium, a material used by the Russians to manufacture MiG-35 fighter jets, Satan ICBMs (missile launch platforms), and T-14 tanks.

But the weirdest thing about the luxurious series of Apple flagships is the addition of Seymchan stones taken from the meteorites that dropped over the Magadan region in Russia.

Also, Caviar allows customers to customize the look of their very expensive iPhone X phones. Since most of them are gold-plated, consumers can choose to personalize the back panel with various flags of CIS countries (i.e. Armenia, Kazakhstan) or other design models, including the face of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

It's worth pointing out that the cheapest iPhone X sold by Caviar is available for pre-order for $4,500. There are a couple of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models up for purchase as well, but they're slightly “cheaper” as prices start at around $3,000.

source: Caviar (translated)

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