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Star Trek edition Meizu smartphone leaked in photos

As hardcore geeks, we're certainly not opposed to the constant marriages of sci-fi and modern gadgetry. Over the past few years, heroes from Batman to Iron Man have adorned some of the most sought-after handsets from the likes of Samsung. Meizu could be about to join the party according to a new leak, with a special Star Trek edition smartphone set to grace the Chinese market.

Though we've certainly seen much heavier customization with such themed phones, Trekkies will nevertheless still appreciate the subtle logo to the rear of the Meizu device. As yet, no specs have been divulged for the handset, though the rather plain overall design seems to indicate mid-range fare.

Set to be released in China, it looks to include its own custom launcher. While the limited edition nature of the device could make it potentially difficult to get hold of, the special theme should be a little easier for fans to track down. 

There's no word on the price as yet, but it should arrive on the 2nd of September. As noted earlier, this one's destined for China, so you Star Trek fans elsewhere will have to make do with the TOS Bluetooth Communicator for the time being. 

source: GizChina
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