A 5.7" Galaxy S6 edge tipped to come in Q3, might end up as the S6 Note

Exclusive: Galaxy S6 edge Plus will have 5.7-inch dual-edge display, Android 5.1.1
Samsung is getting crafty with screen size market niches this year, and will seemingly have a Galaxy S6 Plus handset with a larger display released next quarter. So far we've been hearing specs rumors about this Galaxy S6 Plus, and even seen a prototype in the flesh, looking exactly like the Galaxy S6 edge... but bigger.

The only mystery that remained was the exact screen size Samsung is gunning for - speculation ranged from 5.5"-5.7", but now insider sources are confirming that the company will go with the larger screen diagonal. Yep, it looks like the S6 Plus will come with a 5.7" display, that will be curved on both sides, like on the S6 edge, tip the sources. The other part of this rumor is that it will ship with Android 5.1.1 out of the box, but that should be a given anyway.

Funny story - the display of the Galaxy Note 4 is 5.7" in diagonal, too, and it was unearthed recently that Samsung has filed a trademark patent on the phrase "Galaxy 6 Note," so that's exactly what the larger version of the S6 edge might end up being called. As for the Note 5, it won't really clash with this handset, as it is rumored to come with a 5.9" panel, and the inevitable S Pen stylus, while the S6 Note will be for those who simply think that a 5.1" diagonal is too small for their tastes, but the S6 edge is an otherwise excellent handset. What do you think?

source: SamMobile
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