99.4% of all mobile app sales came from Apple in 2009

99.4% of all mobile app sales came from Apple in 2009
Although Apple may not reign as the number one handset maker in the world, at least they have another area in the market where they stand firmly at the top – with a grasp that doesn’t look to loosen anytime soon. Market research firm Gartner suggests that mobile apps are going to be even more profitable and that business will continue to rise in the next few years. Apple completely dominated the mobile app market in 2009 and grabbed almost all of the 4.2 billion dollars spent on mobile apps – and they can continue to keep a good hold onto it with at least two-thirds of the market if sales trends continue to hold for 2010.

Apple has recently announced that sales passed 3 billion; with 2.5 billion apps download in 2009. Gartner’s research showed apps that came from other platforms tallied at a total of 16 million – giving Apple roughly 99.4 percent of all mobile apps sold for the year. According to Stephanie Bagdassarian, research director at Gartner, "Games remain the number one application, and mobile shopping, social networking, utilities and productivity tools continue to grow and attract increasing amounts of money."

Predictions of Apple’s future ventures outside the iPhone can cause them to gain an even larger share of the mobile app market – that’s factoring in the additional users from sales of new iPhone models and the expected tablet. There’s no doubt how much money is in stake in the mobile app market; especially with the Android platform steadily rising among users. Unlike Android, which have multiple models to choose from, Apple will need to branch out to other carriers in order to keep their foothold in the mobile app market.

via Ars Technica



1. E.N.

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2. Hlorri

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Seems that both Ars Technica and now PhoneArena have filtered out some important facts -- this headline is actually quite misleading. The comparison was based only on purchase statistics from the official "App Stores" for each platform. As we know, noone is going to claim that Nokia's OVI store is anywhere near competing with the iTunes store (especially since it just got started). If you factor in third party download sites (e.g. GetJar, Handago, SmartPhoneWare, EpocWare, and so on), the stats will be less overwhelming. I'm sure the iTunes App store will still come out on top (and with >100,000 apps, all on a very purchase-centric "ecosystem", why wouldn't it?) -- but then again, we don't have those statisitics.

3. nak1017

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Ummmmm, sales or downloads? There are free apps in the app store... this article seems like statistics run-a-foul...

4. JK Wylde

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Ya, yet another waste of time. This is obvious (and pointless) information. Apple's app store has been around for almost 3 years, Android just started popping off when it hit Spint and Verizon last October, Blackberry just started focusing on letting everyone know about their apps, and the Nokia and WinMo apps have only recently started gaining momentum. DUH! Thats just like trying to slam the WebOS app store's number of apps in comparison to Apple's. It doesn't mean you have better quality stuff, just that Apple has been doing it longer. There are more articles that have been added to this site today, than can be put on one page of the View All Articles' section. And it's only 2:41 EST!!! Phonearena, stop flooding your site with pointless articles!!!!!

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