90% of Android devices are safe from QuadRooter exploits thanks to Google's Verify Apps


Recently, it's been discovered that nearly 1 billion Android devices could be affected by a new set of security vulnerabilities gathered under the name QuadRooter. The vulnerabilities can potentially put at risk pretty much any Qualcomm Snapdragon-based Android device, but only if a user installs certain malicious apps.

A security patch to fully address this won't be out before September, but, fortunately, folks installing only apps from Google Play can not be affected by QuadRooter vulnerabilities anyway. Google's very own Verify Apps feature, which "regularly checks activity on your device and prevents or warns you about potential harm", will protect you against any malicious app that may be related to QuadRooter.

Since Verify Apps is enabled by default on devices running Android 4.2 or later and featuring Google Play services, it safeguards about 90% of all Android devices currently in use. If you do try to install content from unknown sources, Verify Apps will block the installation if it detects something suspicious. According to Android Central, Google confirmed that its protection features will "identify, block, and remove applications that exploit vulnerabilities" like QuadRooter. To make your device exposed to QuadRooter, you'd have to manually disable Verify Apps - but that's not advisable in any scenario. 

via: Android Central

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