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8 things the Galaxy Note5 does better than the Note 4... and 5 things that it does worse


One can say that Samsung surprised us at least twice this year – first, when it launched the incredibly shiny Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge – both built around an entirely different philosophy than their predecessors; and second, when it launched the Galaxy Note5 as a region-limited device, while the S6 edge+ is basically available everywhere. What makes this even more painful for fans of Sammy's phablet line is that this year's Note5 has also been revamped – donning the Gorilla Glass 4 slabs on both its front and back, as well as a very snappy reiteration of the TouchWiz user interface.

Now, we've talked about upgrading from the Note 4 to the Note5, based on specs and capabilities. We've also done a lot of various comparisons between these phones and their contemporary rivals. But now that we've had some time to live with the Note5, we feel like we can draw an even clearer picture of how the actual user experience has changed from the Note 4. Both the goods and the bads, of course. What we find irritating here is that a lot of the software features look like they could've easily been added to the year-old phablets via an update, yet Samsung seems determined to give the best experience only to the users that have their latest handsets.

So, if you are on the edge (see what we did there?) of ordering a Note5, or just curious on how the two phablets compare when it comes to actual daily usage – check out our points below!

Of course, it's not all bunnies and flowers. Admittedly, the gripes we've had with the Note5 thus far are fairly limited, some are even nitpicky. Yet, we can't help but feel that it does some very specific things worse than the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. Check them out below!

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