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700,000 Samsung GALAXY Note LTE units sold in South Korea

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700,000 Samsung GALAXY Note LTE units sold in South Korea
With Samsung in their backyard, South Koreans have been able to purchase the Samsung GALAXY Note LTE since the waning weeks of last year. Samsung, of course, is HQ'd in the country, so it meant that the beast of a handset was available well before the Super Bowl there. Judging from the numbers racked up in the country, Samsung has another hit on its hands. So far, 700,000 units have been sold in South Korea. That figure, which counts sales to distributors and sales channels, does not include purchases made by end users. Still, it represents a whopping 66% of all LTE handsets available in the country.

700,000 units of the Samsung GALAXY Note have been sold in S. Korea
South Korean sales are  important to Samsung as they often give an early indication that the manufacturer has a hot phone on its hands. When the Samsung Galaxy S II was launched last year, the device quickly took off in the home country on the way to a staggering 5 million units sold in South Korea alone.

Now the smartphone with the huge 5.3 inch Super AMOLED screen is ready for pre-orders in the States starting on Super Bowl Sunday. To help the Samsung GALAXY Note LTE in making its debut in the U.S., Samsung has spent some serious coinage for a 90 second ad that will run during the fourth quarter of Sunday's contest. And exciting as that must be for Samsung, the strong start for the model in its hometown must have the manufacturer's executives thinking that they have another big winner.

source: SammyHub

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