64-bit Android phones are coming for Christmas says ARM executive

64-bit Android phones are coming for Christmas says ARM executive
Executives of chip manufacturing companies are a bit surprised (no pun intended) at the speed in which 64-bit processing is coming to Android phones. Even ARM has been caught unaware by this move. Originally, the company figured that 64-bit technology would first be seen on corporate servers. Instead, after Apple introduced 64 bit mobile processing with the Apple A7 chipset that currently powers the Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPad Air and the Apple iPad mini with Retina display, the road map has taken a rather sharp detour. Mobile consumer devices are now the recipient of the advancing technology.

Tom Lantzsch, ARM's executive vice president of corporate strategy, expects Santa to be dropping off under the Christmas Tree, the first of the 64 bit Android handsets. While the chips and phones could be ready for 64 bit processing by Christmas, it is unknown when a version of the Android OS will be ready. Lantzsch says that even existing 32 bit code will run better on ARM's 64-bit v8-A architecture. "The architecture itself allows for more efficiency in the code. So, that means better battery life, quicker responsiveness, better features," the executive says. " And once 64-bit software arrives, "There will be early adopters. The applications with the most need will certainly go first. And then the rest will come over time."

source: ARM via CNET

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