5 smartphone habits you need to shake off

5 smartphone habits you need to shake off
If you have to pinpoint one electronic device that you use all the time and can’t do without, it will probably be the almighty smartphone. We’re so used to relying on our phones for so many things, that it’s almost scary. Elon Musk once said that we don’t need to be afraid of becoming cyborgs in the future because we already are. We’re connected to our phones all the time, and it’s just that our fingers and eyes aren’t the best interfaces. The point is, we might not be aware of all the bad influences that smartphones exercise on us. Here are five smartphone habits that you need to shake off.

1. Constantly looking at your phone

This one is huge. There are many studies now that tie excessive smartphone use and smartphone addiction to various psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, and compulsive behavior. I know, it may sound a bit scary and over the top but have you ever felt the dread of reaching for your phone and realizing you’ve left it at home. That rush of anxiety is not normal, and you have to take some measures.

There are various digital wellbeing options in most modern smartphones - give them a try. Take a walk free of your smartphone or if you’re working, put your phone in a drawer or out of sight. Some studies have found that people are more efficient at work when they can’t see their phone. You’ll be surprised what difference it actually makes. 

2. Taking pictures or recording video instead of enjoying an event

Smartphones have successfully replaced lighters at concert venues, and that might be okay but there’s a more pressing matter. People are so focused on validating their presence at some cool place like a concert or an exotic holiday destination that they fail to enjoy it. You paid for a live event, right? Then why are you so inclined to consume it through a smartphone screen? Just put your phone down, focus on the singer, the guitarist, feel that solo, enjoy the sunlight on your face, the smell of the sea. Chances are you won’t even watch these recordings later.

3. Drunk-smarphoning

I know, it’s a made-up word but it encompasses some of the most regretful smartphone mistakes people tend to make. If you had a few and plan on showing your ex all the feelings you’ve put under the rug when you two broke up, don’t. It’s a bad idea that rarely ends up well.

Chances are you’ll embarrass yourself either by typing something completely inappropriate or just by texting gibberish due to your typing skills taking a hit. This applies to Facebook posts, Messenger, Instagram, SMS (are those still a thing?), and practically any type of communication that involves your smartphone.

4. Oversharing

This one is closely related to Drunk-smartphoning. We sometimes tend to overshare things even when we’re sober. Is it such a bad thing? Well, yes and no. Sharing relevant information with your close friends is something completely okay, but when you start constantly posting about your everyday activities such as eating, cleaning up, walking the dog, doing the dishes, etc., things start to go overboard. I’m not saying that these moments can’t be interesting and worth sharing. It’s quality over quantity. And besides, you may want to keep a thing or two about yourself a mystery. This way people will stay curious and generally interested in you longer.

5. Using your smartphone in dangerous situations

There was a whole slew of accidents when the world was PokemonGO-crazy. It’s just an illustration of a bigger problem - people get distracted in dangerous situations. Without undermining our ability to multitask, sometimes we need our full attention in order to not let things go south. This includes driving, walking around the city in a busy hour, executing money operations, etc. Consequences may be dire. If you absolutely must use your phone in such scenarios, make sure you minimize the risks by using a hands-free device or making the most of your smart assistant.
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