5 cool Bluetooth keyboards and folios for your Apple iPad Air 2

Best iPad Air 2 Bluetooth keyboards
The iPad Air 2, and the iPads before it, are mostly considered to be web and media consumption devices, not suited for really productive works, with their on-screen keyboard, and all that. So many people are using Apple's tablets as their main computing device now, however, that the iPad franchise is probably the most accessorized tablet line out there. If it doesn't have a feature or an option out of the box, chances are that there is a case and accessory maker that has a solution in place. You can see people with iPads all around corporate offices now, lugging them around as their main gadget, and even BYOD policies have been created to accommodate the love for the tablet. 

To turn your iPad Air 2 into a much more productive device, the obligatory requirement is a nice keyboard folio, or a separate Bluetooth keyboard. With them the iPad, or any tablet, for that matter, becomes a decent content creation device, akin to a tiny notebook. That's why we are rounding up some of the best folios and dedicated keyboard accessories for the iPad Air 2, to help you turn it from a media consumption gizmo, into a more serious productivity machine. We are listing the MSRP tags, but don't forget that you can find most of these at places like Amazon and the like for much, much less.

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