5 cool Android apps made by Qualcomm, the chipmaker

5 cool Android apps made by Qualcomm
Qualcomm is grabbing headlines today by hyping its upcoming Snapdragon 820 SoC. The company has been generous in its promises, as is usual for large chipmakers. The 820 does, indeed, present itself as a very potent chipset that racked up a very impressive AnTuTu score and is seemingly better thought-out than the rushed and hot-tempered Snapdragon 810. Hopefully, the 820 and the smartphone makers tasked with integrating it into their products have what it takes to really showcase that potential.

Speaking of Qualcomm, you may or may not know that the company is also home to talented software divisions, such as Qualcomm Innovation Center, Qualcomm Connected, and Snapdragon Game Studio. They have produced a number of apps, benchmarks, and games that will be of interest to power and casual users alike. Here are five of them that we consider the most interesting. If you want to download any of them, click or tap the blue links in the slideshow!

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