5 apps that generate bizarre and colorful wallpapers by using fractals

Looking for some outside-the-norm wallpapers? Go fractal! Fractals are the beautiful side of math, a way of generating mesmerizing patterns of all shapes and colors. The five Android apps we've rounded up below have the means to surprise you with new creations every time you fire them up, which means you can arm yourself with a bunch of unique wallpaper generators to get your visuals fix straight away. You are given a degree of control over the process as well, so that you can take advantage of those peculiar mathematical engines and tweak the results to your delight! Have a go and tell us what you think.

Visions of Chaos

Visions of Chaos flaunts fractals, cellular automata, and OpenGL ES shaders. Not that we know exactly what this entails, but it sounds competent! Also, the app is 100% free without any ads. It's able to generate fractals of the following kinds: buffalo, burning ship, mandelbrot, newton 2D cellular automata, and 2D cyclic cellular automata. It also features an OpenGL ES Shader editor with syntax coloring and thousands of sample shaders.

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Fractal Exploration

This app will let you have fun with the Mandelbrot set, Tricorn, Burning Ship fractal, and two Multibrot sets. As you can see, it has the ability to generate some rather striking shapes and colors. It's also supremely easy to use. You can adjust resolution, precision, escape value, and some color parameters. Feel free to experiment with the app and see where it takes you.

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With Fractview you can look at fractals from the mandelbrot set, julia set, burning ship, newton fractals, lyapunov fractals, phoenix fractals, and other kinds. You can set your own function and color palettes for drawing. Image manipulations like scaling, rotating, and shearing are supported via intuitive pinch-to-zoom gestures and are immediately previewed. The app contains presets for newton fractals, orbit traps, lyapunov fractals, and pendulum simulations. It also supports all kinds of functions (exp, log, sin, atanh, and everything inbetween), and generates derivates automatically. Mathspeak aside, the app develops colorful and intricate fractals!

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Fractaline is a very hands-on app capable of stunning results. It lets you explore designs of nature defined by mathematical formulas. It's under your control by letting you drag points of line segments on your screen. By adding and removing points, you will accomplish new results. The app is also capable of generating random fractals for some truly mind-boggling visuals.

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Fractal Explorer

Fractal Explorer is a robust fractal generator that lets you create beautiful wallpapers. Moving around and zooming in, you will discover unique patterns generated by the Mandelbrot fractal – a product of math and chaos.

You can also store wallpapers inside your device's Gallery, create your own color schemes alongside the built-in ones, and control the depth of fractal and coloring methods.

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