4G tablets coming to T-Mobile

4G tablets coming to T-Mobile
It was only yesterday when we told you that Sprint is set to release a 4G tablet not powered by Android and now T-Mobile follows suit announcing that it's to launch a few 4G tabs in 2011.

Sadly, neither an additional information about the T-Mobile 4G tablets was released, nor a timescale when to expect them in 2011. A press release on Friday said that:

"T-Mobile is working closely with the majority of our OEM partners to deliver 4G products by integrating HSPA+ into roadmaps in 2011 as the dominant global standard. Consumers will continue to see HSPA+ fuel future innovation in a variety of mobile consumer electronics from smartphones and tablets to emerging devices. T-Mobile will continue to be at the forefront of wireless innovation, delivering an aggressive 4G product lineup in 2011, including 4G tablets."

As you probably know, T-Mobile branded its HSPA+ network "America’s largest 4G network" and is set to further expand it. That's why it would be interesting to see what kind of speeds the fourth-largest carrier's subscribers will achieve on their tablets in 2011.

source: PC Mag

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