32GB Microsoft Surface Tablet gives you just 16-20GB of free space

32GB Microsoft Surface Tablet gives you just 16-20GB of free space
Hold on there a second. You didn't think that because you were buying the 32GB Microsoft Surface RT that you were getting 32GB of free storage with the tablet, did you? After many customers asked the Redmond based company to explain it all, Microsoft said that its 32GB Microsoft Surface RT actually provides 16-20GB of free space for music, videos, pictures, etc. While you might accept that figure, you probably are curious to know what happened to all of that space.

First, we have to tell you that all OEMs report disk size based on the decimal system while Windows displays it in binary where 1GB in decimal =.93GB in binary. Thus, 32GB native memory in decimal equals just 29GB in binary. It is the same size, just represented differently. 5GB is reserved for Windows recovery tools, which in case of a problem, you will be glad that it's there. Windows RT, Microsoft Office and other built in apps take 8GB and before you know it you have 16GB of binary disk space. A Microsoft Surface RT with a 64GB drive would have 46GB of binary disk space left after accounting for the pre-installed programs.

There are three ways that a Microsoft Surface RT owner can increase the storage space on his device. You can use cloud storage fromSkyCloud. A microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC card can increase storage by up to 64GB, or you can buy a USB flash drive or hard drive. So don't worry about those pre-installed programs taking up your disk space as there are quite a few ways to have enough storage space to keep your Microsoft Surface RT tablet filled with your content.

source: Microsoft via WMPoweruser

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