2000 messages crash Olympic snowboarder's Apple iPhone

2000 messages crash Olympic snowboarder's Apple iPhone
Russian Olympic snowboarder Alexey Sobolev is now a firm believer in the theory that sometimes it is best not to get what you wish for. Sobolev posted his phone number on his helmet. Why? One report said that he did it because he was bored, but he obviously expected to get some female response. According to several published reports, the athlete received over 2000 messages that came in to his iPhone, including a number of nude photos.

Unfortunately, the number of messages he received made his iPhone go on strike. After telling Yahoo Sports that he was planning on calling the female admirers, it turned out that his phone had crashed making that option impossible at that moment. Luckily for Sobolev, his iPhone was only momentarily disgusted and did boot-up again, allowing him to brag to reporters covering the games.

The International Olympic Committee is probably made up of the same type of conservative old men that you would expect to see running such an august body, and they were simply not amused with Sobolev's self-promotion stunt. They forced him to cover up the number on his next run.

source: YahooSports, DailyMail via CNET

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