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10 smartphone-connected things that (probably) should not be

10 smartphone-connected things that (probably) should not be
Remember our line-up of the five weirdest Android devices out there? Tell you what, it has nothing on what we're about to show you right now! Every once in a while, the term "Internet of things" is being thrown around here at PhoneArena. It's usually when we report on big-name technological companies' plans to turn their products into parts of a whole - an ecosystem of devices and services that's meant to make our lives easier and better by harnessing the power of technological progress.

That sounds pretty awe-inspiring and all, but if one dares to throw away the rose-tinted glasses and take a sober look, the Internet of things is little else but a fancy umbrella term governing a reality in which tiny computers and sensors go into products and places where they may have little to no business in! Imagine a future where everything — your frying pan, your pair of smelly socks, your cutlery, or the cushion Bob's sitting on all day at the office — has become digitized, feeding all kinds of information about the way you use them into mobile apps that buzz with notifications about all the things you're doing wrong. Or could be doing much better.

Guess what... the future is here. But thankfully, not everything about it is bad. There are some potentially great ideas here, but we'd rather let you be the judge.

Special thanks to We Put A Chip In It, dutifully tracking "dumb" things that were made "smart" by putting chips in them, and doing a banger of a job at it!
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