10% of the world now accesses the Internet on mobile devices

10% of the world now accesses the Internet on mobile devices
It all seems to have started with the smartphone revolution - people suddenly got an opportunity to access the world wide web from a device fitting in their pocket and they’re loving it. In fact, the least developed countries where cable Internet is not that easy to get, people are overwhelmingly dependant on their mobile devices to go online. Since 2010, the percentage of people accessing the web has doubled and now 10% of all people accessing the web do it on a mobile device.

The continent that can brag with most mobile Internet users? No surprise here, folks, it’s Asia. The continent accounted for 17.84% of all Internet usage, a 192% rise in the last 18 months. 

What’s interesting is that Africa where non-smartphones dominate the scene, grabbed the second place with 14.85%. This is truly a testament to how important being connected is, so that even people with relatively underpowered devices were massively accessing the web.

North America scored third, and you can check out the other continents usage at the map below. Interestingly, while usage in Europe almost tripled, it’s still relatively low. Finally, here’s an interesting piece of statistics showing mobile traffic as part of the overall web traffic:

  1. 48.87% – India
  2. 47.09% – Zambia
  3. 44.95% – Sudan
  4. 42.36% – Uzbekistan
  5. 40.65% – Nigeria
  6. 37.95% – Zimbabwe
  7. 35.46% – Laos
  8. 34.66% – Brunei
  9. 31.79% – Ethiopia
  10. 29.2% – Kenya

Anyone surprised?

source: Pingdom via BGR


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