1 million G1's sold in the U.S.

1 million G1's sold in the U.S.
The first Android powered handset has surely made a mark in the cellular world. In the half year that the G1 has been available, 1 million units have been bought in the US only. While a strong showing, the device trails behind the iPhone 3G which had domestic sales of 1.6 million in the last three month quarter for AT&T. The G1 does dominate T-Mobile's relatively new 3G pipeline in the US, where 2 out of every 3 phones sending voice and data over the network happen to be iPhones 3G´s. When the G1 was first released, T-Mobile restricted sales to stores in locations where the carrier had 3G presence, which as of then amounted to just 21 markets, although customers could buy anywhere using the web site. Since then, the restrictions have been lifted and the company's 3G network now covers as much as a third of the population in USA.

The next cellphone using Google's open source OS could be heading T-Mobile's way. We recently showed you pictures of a HTC Magic passing through the FCC with the T-Mobile logo branded on the casing. As we reported, the European carrier Vodafone plans on shipping the Magic on May 5th to those who have placed pre-orders. No word on if and when the device will be available in the States.

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source: TelephonyOnline via electronista, EngadgetMobile

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