Meta Quest goes after Apple Vision Pro with new v67 update – interface changes

Meta Quest goes after Apple Vision Pro with new v67 update – interface changes
If you've used the Apple Vision Pro, or have seen people using it, you would have noticed that its interface, at least, is really something special.

It's pleasing to the eye, and grants you the freedom to position your mixed reality windows anywhere you want, which is not what I can say about Meta's Quest 3 AR/VR headset.

Apparently Meta's been taking notes, though, because according to several users who are testing the Meta Quest beta update channels, an interface overhaul is finally coming.

But don't get too excited about it, if you're a Quest user, because first – we don't know when this update will start rolling out to regular users, and second – the interface overhaul is not quite Apple Vision Pro-grade yet either. Let's get into it.

A new window layout lets you place windows anywhere, finally

So according to beta testers, Meta will finally let us resize windows again, but more importantly – place them anywhere too, as showcased by Twitter user Luna here:

At least in this beta testing phase, this "new window layout" feature can be enabled by going to the Experimental Features menu, where we once had to go to enable Passthrough and Hand Tracking, which eventually turned into fully-fleshed out features. Hopefully this one will too.

As a reminder, once upon a time Meta did allow us to resize our floating windows, but they were always restricted to a specific grid, and currently more so than ever. Right now you can only resize windows if you switch your menu distance to far, which to me, at least, isn't a comfortable experience.

In any case, that new window layout feature is quite needed, and welcome to see.

Earlier this year Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth did announce that the company was "reworking some of the core UI infrastructure to be able to enable a richer environment," and it seems the Apple Vision Pro's release and UI praises may or may not have sped things up.

A "bright mode" for that interface

Another notable change beta testers have noticed is that Meta is trying out a "bright mode" for the user interface. If you're bored of the same colors we've been seeing for years now, which definitely needed a refresher, we will clearly be getting something closer to the Apple Vision Pro's UI color scheme later this year.

But if you can't wait to get an Apple Vision Pro-like experience on your Quest, third party apps have already done it perfectly well. We even showcased one a couple of days back, feel free to check it out on your own Quest 3 headset:

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