Meta may have teamed up with LG for its next Quest Pro microdisplays

Meta may have teamed up with LG for its next Quest Pro microdisplays
Meta has a lot going right now, regardless if a lot of people are acting like the Vision Pro is a looming threat. The Quest series is more geared towards entertainment and as such, it’s not trying to break new ground. That, in turn, allows Meta to plan ahead.

Like, way, way more ahead. The Quest 3’s release is going to happen really soon — probably during Meta’s upcoming Connect event later this month. But we also found out that the company is already planning a budget headset for 2024 that may end up costing less than $200.

So, what’s next? Well, given that the Quest Pro wasn’t really a hit-and-run success, Meta needs to get back to the drawing board and figure out what makes a Pro-grade consumer in the VR entertainment market tick.

And it seems that those plans are in full motion and that LG has climbed aboard for the ride.

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So, TL;DR: SBS Biz (translated source) reports that LG and Meta have officially shaken hands on a partnership. LG is to supply microLED and microOLED display tech for Meta and its Quest 4 Pro headset, which is set for a 2025 release.

2024 isn’t even here yet and this is related to events said to happen in 2025, so will the headset release, how it will perform and will it actually have the alleged $2,000 price-tag: we couldn’t possibly say.

But LG did share a while back that it is investing in microdisplays for AR and VR technology, so the partnership sounds totally logical from that point of view.

That being said, Meta did also hold a private meeting with Samsung, so we may see some sort of partnership prosper on that end too. Whether it will impact the Quest 4 Pro or some other, yet unnamed headset: only time will tell.
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