Meta Horizon Worlds adds limits in newest update

Meta Horizon Worlds adds limits in newest update
Meta pumps out updates for its social hub — Meta Horizon Worlds — very often. But after so many updates that have only improved the experience, we now get an update that might be disliked by some: update v165.

From July 12, worlds in Meta Horizon Worlds will now have a memory limit of 6 GB. Meta claims this new limit will ensure better performance for users and prevent the app from crashing. Existing worlds’ creators have been advised to curate their worlds to fit within 6 GB before the memory enforcement hits the platform.

To help creators do this, Meta has introduced new tools that can monitor a world’s real-time performance. Accessed from the ‘Utilities’ menu, these tools will also flag parts of a world that are most performance-intensive.

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Meta Horizon Worlds was initially a VR hub, but it eventually came to mobile and web.

On the plus side, users can now invite multiple friends at once instead of one by one. There have been some bug fixes as well. Notably, a bug that prevented interaction with in-world objects on the mobile and web versions has been fixed.

Some highlighted bugs from previous updates are still under investigation. These include:

  • Inaccurate notifications about friends being online.
  • Setting a player’s gravity to zero still makes them fall, albeit slower.
  • The Text Gizmo is not displaying emojis.

Meta Horizon Worlds is one of the most popular apps on Meta’s headsets. Not only can it be a fun place to hang out, it also hosts tons of events each year that you can attend with others. The mobile and web versions keep users connected when they’re away from their VR headsets.

But the Meta Quest 3 is undoubtedly the best way to experience Horizon Worlds. Not just because it’s the best Quest headset, but also because Horizon Worlds is made first and foremost for Virtual Reality.

As always, this update should download and install itself automatically.
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