Dodge lasers and feel like a secret agent in this upcoming Mixed Reality game

Dodge lasers and feel like a secret agent in this upcoming Mixed Reality game
MR (Mixed Reality) games have one very fun aspect that makes them unique: transforming your room. Astra, which turned your room into a spaceship, is one example of this. And the upcoming game Laser Dance will make you carefully tiptoe through laser beams in your own home.

Laser Dance is being developed by Thomas Van Bouwel, who also made Cubism for the Meta Quest. The premise of Laser Dance is quite simple: you dance around lasers. What makes it appealing, to me at least, is that this takes place in Mixed Reality. So your own familiar home is turned into an obstacle course you have to tiptoe and crawl your way through.

Laser Dance will adapt to the room you’re playing in, setting up the lasers accordingly. And then the game will present you with two buttons on the opposite ends of your play area. Players must weave their way through the lasers between these buttons to progress in the game.

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I don’t think I have the dexterity needed for this. | Video credit — IGN

Laser Dance isn’t out yet but the store page says it’s coming soon. I don’t know if it’ll have multiple game modes when it launches, but I can think of a few. For example, a mode that contains moving lasers. A multiplayer mode would also be very fun in my opinion, as you race your friends to the buttons.

Mixed Reality has been a big part of recent XR (Extended Reality) devices. Meta continues to add uses for MR in its headsets, like the new Quest update that enhances productivity. And the Apple Vision Pro is solely a Mixed Reality headset. It only makes sense game developers would also start embracing MR.

You can wishlist Laser Dance on the Meta Horizon Store, but no price has yet been revealed. And according to the store page, Laser Dance will only support the Meta Quest 3.
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