Voxel game cyubeVR promises to set new visual standards for PlayStation VR2

Voxel game cyubeVR promises to set new visual standards for PlayStation VR2
CyubeVR (pronounced Cube VR) entered Steam Early Access more than six years ago. Exclusively designed for VR, the creative sandbox voxel game similar to Minecraft finally has a release date.

Developer Stonebrick Studios has just announced their VR game, cyubeVR, will launch for PlayStation VR2 on March 16. Along with the launch date, the studio also released a PS VR2 trailer that offers fans of the genre a detailed look at the game’s visuals and immersive VR mechanics.

Despite coming to PS VR2, the PC version of cyubeVR will remain in Early Access. The main reason behind the PS VR2 release is to introduce the game to a wider audience than just PCVR.

Besides that, developers promise to add a bunch of enhancements that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the PS VR2 platform. For instance, eye-tracked foveated rendering allows the PlayStation 5 to be just as powerful as a PC with a top-of-the-line graphics card like an NVIDIA RTX 3090.

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Since this is a sandbox game, the narrative is very limited. Still, players are getting a long, linear list of objectives to guide them through the game’s entire progression.

As far as graphics go, developers promise “extreme visual fidelity, powered by Unreal Engine with detailed 8K textures and foveated rendering.” Additionally, the game features official PlayStation 5 mod support, allowing players to easily download and install community-created blocks directly in the game.

If you love immersing yourself in a voxel-based open world to mine and craft using your actual hands, cyubeVR might be just up your alley. No word on price yet, but the PCVR version costs €28 / $28.

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