Apple Vision Pro getting an alien-themed endless running game

Apple Vision Pro getting an alien-themed endless running game
The Apple Vision Pro is getting an endless runner game this month. Named Runaways, the game will be a Mixed Reality app and will use the Vision Pro’s excellent passthrough to bring the action to your living room.

It’s no secret that one of the Vision Pro’s biggest critiques is that it doesn’t have enough games. No support for PC VR games and the very high cost of the headset put off most consumers and VR enthusiasts from getting one.

Fortunately, since its release in February of this year, the Vision Pro has seen an uptick in games releasing for it. Apple’s own Apple Arcade — a gaming subscription service — is also seeing games arriving on the Vision Pro. And Runaways by Beyond Games will bring addictive endless running to the headset on May 27.

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There’s no escape from my house, Hank.

You will help Hank, a runaway alien, navigate a procedurally generated infinite track. This type of gameplay is very popular as we’ve seen with mobile games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run. The goal is to set higher and higher scores each time you play. Gameplay ends when you hit an obstacle.

Hank’s motion is controlled via hand tracking and there is a disarm button for traps on the course. There is also a finite energy mechanic: with energy getting depleted a bit with each jump and needing to recharge. And if Hank gets squished by a trap you couldn’t dodge in time his goopy remains get flung onto your real-life furniture.

Beyond Games, May 2024

The Vision Pro is one of the best AR headsets we’ve ever reviewed. And if reports about an Apple Vision Pro 2 are accurate, it’s about to become a whole lot more affordable. Meaning you too could help Hank escape the Overlord in your living room.
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