Patent shows new Vision Pro feature… Or one for the Apple AR Glasses? You tell us

Patent shows new Vision Pro feature… Or one for the Apple AR Glasses? You tell us
With all of this talk about the Vision Pro being set to become one of the best VR headsets on the market, we totally forgot about the Apple Glasses! Well, not really, because in May we talked about how these AR glasses may not see the light of day anytime soon.

After all, if Apple already has the Vision Pro, would there even be a need for the Apple Glasses? Well, I say yes! Because you won’t always need all of the raw power and also because having something strapped to your face at all times isn’t exactly comfortable.

Plus, sometimes having something more light that can still help you get things done quicker is all it takes. After all, users don't always need access to a gajilion monitors! 

There are other reasons too, like the ones listed out in this patent submission from Apple, which showcases some really cool ideas for an AR device. Now, the question is: are these even for the Apple Glasses? Let’s discuss!

So, the file is a bit confusing — as patents documentation tends to be — but basically it showcases how this alleged AR device could utilize a digital crown for easy user navigation. Some of the showcased functions include scrolling through notifications or images, playing tunes and so forth.

That, however, sounds like a smart HUD (heads up display) capable of doing… Basically what a smartwatch can, but in front of your face. And while that is cool and all, in order for the Apple Glasses to work, they’d need to add some multitasking capabilities too.

If Apple ever gets back to them, that is. After all, recent reports indicate that Apple may be working on two new models of the Vision Pro: a sequel and one aimed at consumers. So could the Apple Glasses be the latter? Or could have they been replaced by the latter?

Well, Apple’s Wonderlust event of 2023 is set for today, so who knows? We may actually hear something about any of these headset projects during the show. But if not, you’d do best to remember: not all patents lead to realized products or features.
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