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Surprise, surprise! Microsoft is "excited about Nokia", “less excited” about the Nokia X

Posted: , by Luis D.

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Surprise, surprise! Microsoft is
At the ongoing MWC 2014, someone had the one-of-a kind opportunity to ask Microsoft in the face how the company feels about Nokia's upcoming Android-in-disguise phone, the Nokia X. As you are probably aware, MS is about to complete the acquisition of the Finns' mobile devices division. It also hates Google with a fiery, chairs-thrown-across-the-room passion. Both factors make this question quite the low-blow.

Luckily, Microsoft delivered a handsome response. "They [Nokia] will do some things we're excited about, and some things we're less excited about." - said Senior Executive Joe Belfiore (pictured), confirming the overwhelming public suspicions that Microsoft might be, indeed, not very excited about sharing its flat with Android.

However, Microsoft's animosity towards the competing platform didn't reach farther than Belfiore's adorably laconic statement. He went on to glorify Nokia, boasting about the "terrific engineering relationship" the Finns have with MS, and being "proud of the work" they do together.

Ultimately, the fate of the Nokia X seems to be spared, along with that of another two Android models. Nokia keeps churning out five-second episodes of its wacky Green Duck series of teasers. The latest one, #5, hit the internet today. And the Nokia X, a low-end handset that runs a fork of Android meticulously stripped of all things Google, should be announced very, very soon. Last we heard, it is already in production in Hungary.

source: TechCrunch

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posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:26 3

1. ArtSim98 (Posts: 3535; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

Sooooooo.... Ummm what exactly happens in that video?

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:48 10

9. akki20892 (Posts: 3901; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

We have to wait till tomorrow.

I'm fully excited. Bring it on Nokia whatever u have.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 11:02 10

11. Aploine (Posts: 426; Member since: 24 Oct 2013)

There are people who would never buy a windows phone. And they are plenty. Some of them love Nokia, so why wont you let them have it with android? Aren't there any profits for you Microsoft?

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 11:49 12

15. Skoms (Posts: 118; Member since: 03 Feb 2014)

Sorry to say.

Elop, MS and WP8 killed nokia.....

This is just PR and FUD from microsoft.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:50 6

27. Liveitup (Posts: 1798; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

Sorry to inform you.

Elop, MS and WP8 saved Nokia. Without them Nokia would have been dead already at the rate in which Symbian marketshare was decreasing, WP reversed that trend and before the S&D devision was bought Nokia was riding again in marketshare. Research the actual facts.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:11 5

31. nokia12 (Posts: 484; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

hahaha you need to check the facts before you blabber...
at the rate symbian was declining it would have easily survived for 3 years with decent sales.. don't forget in its last quarter symbian sales actually grew..
but but then MR. Flop came along and issued "BURNING PLATFORM" and all sales dropped..

from 40% market share to 4 % market share in 3 years yeah that's what we are calling saving the day these days aren't we...

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:38 3

33. Liveitup (Posts: 1798; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

I do check my facts If Symbian was doing that great as you stated they would have kept their CEO, their would be no need for Elop and the "Burning Platform" memo.

Do individuals like yourself really think that Elop made every decision at Nokia, there is a board of directors and others who have a lot of sway, everyone keeps bashing Elop but don't realise that Elop is just one part of the equation.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:56 3

36. nokia12 (Posts: 484; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

i never said symbian was doing great.. i said even though it was declining in its last quarter Q4 2010 the symbian sales actually grew from Q3 .
check here
h ttp://www.allaboutsymbian.com/news/item/12525_Noki​a_Q4_2010_results-profits_.php

the pace at which it was declining it could have easily survived for 3 years but no MR.flop had to interfere and instead of turning things around he butchered nokia and handed over it to Microsoft for pennies...

yes Some Board Members also had interests in Microsoft shares. The board was clueless if it had any sense Flop would have been fired after the burning memo itself , and when Windows Phone sales flopped.. The nokia N9 alone sold more than 2011 windows phone sales combined which wasn't even released in major countries like India, Africa ( dominating markets ) .

Board of Directors weren't smart they couldn't forsee The effect of Iphone and android and they didn't stop Flop also.. i can go on and on providing you facts and links and resources but i am sure you still won't change your mind.. so no point talking with fanboys like you

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 16:52

43. Liveitup (Posts: 1798; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

No you never explicitly stated that Symbian was doing great but you saying it surviving another three years at that time implied that, I don't believe that Symbian would have lasted another three years at the rate it was declining due to competition from Apple, Android etc. I looked at the link you supplied but no information was shown.

Under Elop and WP Nokia actually did better than it did under Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and Symbian OS and was actually gaining marketshare at the time its S&D was bought by MS.

The N9 ran Meamo later renamed Meego, it was indeed a good device, the problem is that it came to late to the market and Nokia was already in dire straights by then, financially with the pace that Symbian was dropping maintaining a new OS was never in the cards for Nokia, if it was 2009 and Nokia released a plethora of Meego devices then and only then would they have stood chance anything after was too late, they had to layoff employees and accept financial help from MS along with a host of other measures just to stay afloat.

I could go on and on about the reasons why you are wrong in your assumptions about Elop, Symbian, Nokia's board of directors. You look at things just from an OS point of view and don't see things from a financial/ business point of view.

Here is a link from Nokia innovations site that explains exactly what happened with Nokia and why Stephen Elop is not to be blamed for what happened to Nokia, charts and all included.


Everyone who blames Elop should at least read the article.

I may be a fanboy but I don't lack knowledge.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 17:47 1

45. nokia12 (Posts: 484; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

ok First that link clearly shows (or you can google nokia q4 2010 report ) in q4 symbian sales increased from both Q3 2010 and Q3 2009..

First some few things before Flop

Nokia's share was declining due to android and ios
Nokia's management was slow ,political and had too much pride..
Nokia was still top manufacturer and had majority share.. samsung was small then only starting with galaxy S series..

Elop came good things
Management became fast, and they were very fast in bringing WP phones to market and poiltics got way too lesss.

but now he issued Burning platform memo this resulted in all symbian Sales to decline.. and there were no new wp phones for almost 8-10 months and adopted a only WP exclusivity strategy.. and cancelled Meego OS.. so all symbian , Meego fans were disappointed

1) first why did he choose WP Exclusivity and that too for whole fkinggg 5 years..
WP was new had no apps, lacked all the basic features , had a ton of problems why would anyone pick an unproven , untested OS to compete against already Mature OS and that too !!! Exclusively !! your answer would be
1)Microsoft - They were hardly a success with windows mobile. good market share but not good enough
2)1 billion payment a year.. now this is the most funny part you will say they needed cash support.. but good thing WP costed them 20-30$ per handset licencing fees .. whereas android was free.. so that 1 billion payment was just a bogus journal entry no money was exchanged. and if WP had become succesful then Nokia would have ended up paying more to MS than Receiving 1 billion payment a year... what a logic..

Regarding development for WP or android.. - Nokia engineer said it to elop porting to android is very easy and can be done in very less time, they did not have to worry about apps and anything else only a custom UI which wasn't difficult at all.. and Android could run on any ARM based configuration rather than WP which could only work with some 2-3 fixed chipsets..

And in practically what happened Nokia ended up paying more to EA, Instagram,Vine , and other developers to get Exclusive apps for nokia windows phone.. android already had everything...

ok now tell me is Elop a Clairvoyant or a pyschic ?
then why did He kept parroting there is no Plan B .. only WP .. no backup Plan.. who does that ? even a child/normal person has at least 2-3 plans . if 1st plan doesn't work out.. but no Mr flop had no plan B if WP failed and he ensured that there never can be a Plan B by signing 5 year contract( in case he was fired also ).. How can a sane person Be so sure of unproven,untested,limited,Immature OS ?

then they had the no Upgradability for WP 7.5 to windows 8.. so those who bought nokia 900 (600 $ ) 3-4 months ago were not eligible for wp 8..

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 18:00

46. nokia12 (Posts: 484; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

He said his answer( came out in 2013) is Because he feared samsung would dominate android because they produces ram,screen,chips themselves .. first back then Htc was a major player samsung rise was beginning but still not tooo big...second samsung was also on symbian and couldn't touch nokia at all back then and then Mr. Flop himself invited samsung to make windows phone.. and btw samsung was also on wp also if WP had gotten successful then they would still need to compete with samsung what happened to the fear of samsung, ..what a logic hahaha..

maority of the smartphone users are unaware or uneductaed about smartphones.. Android and symbian were alike whereas WP was almost completely different this meant old customers had trouble adjjusting to wp and most of them don't want to change so they left WP because it was confusing.. so most of their old User fan base had trouble with new nokia...hence failure for WP
also don't forget if Nokia were to be sold to microsoft Flop was to receive 25 million $.. and if it had succeded the gain would have been in 1-2 million $ only... who wouldn't work for who ?
then secondly if Flop was CEO of Nokia then why did he leave Nokia for Microsoft after the sale ? and there are so many more points i can write but now i think you got the point why we think like that

and go and search Internet for nokia android there are 1000s of articles stating nokia made mistake by not choosing android, 100000 of comments saying we want nokia android .. all 100000 of fans social media requests for a nokia Android mobile.. which company won't want to capture these potential sales if the internet is demanding it ?

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:44 3

34. sgodsell (Posts: 3637; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

Yes, fact Microsoft kicked in 250 million per quarter which Nokia had to exclusively make WP handsets. Fact before Microsoft got into the picture, Nokia was the largest phone manufacturer in the world. Fact WP sales are pathetic. With only 8.8 million WP sales for the last quarter and that includes Nokia, Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Huawei WP devices combined. Microsoft has to pay OEMS to make WP devices for them.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:55 3

35. papss (unregistered)

Cute... Another troll with so much knowledge.. Tell us more sir!

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 15:11

39. Dastrix (unregistered)

M$ makes more money off Android than the actual OEMs. Just saying.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 18:09

47. SleepingOz (unregistered)

They're making more money off Android than they're by selling their own crappy os. LMAO!

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 22:37

49. Dastrix (unregistered)

LMAO! Did you know that 'crappy' is a subjective term? I suggest you brush up on your vocabulary and learn to argue from an objective standpoint. But then again, is learning outside of your vocabulary? Your retarded opinion is irrelevant. But, don't worry, kid. M$ is not ever going bankrupt. Any notion of that instance only happens in your deepest dreams. M$ puts those Android OEMs to shame; failing miserably and getting slowly killed by Samsung one at a time, the first one being HTC. No wonder Android OEMs are resorting to Windows Phone now. This is reality, kid. Truth hurts, I know. Keep deluding yourself, if that makes you feel better.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 15:05 2

38. papss (unregistered)

And there are people that won't buy an android...some love Moto, LG, Sony... What's your point besides being a hater

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:21 2

22. akki20892 (Posts: 3901; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

Nokia gonna introduce New Green color for their smartphones. So that means every Nokia phones do have that color like yellow.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:07 5

18. corporateJP (Posts: 2431; Member since: 28 Nov 2009)

All those ducks are flying from Espoo, migrating to Elop's pool. There will be ducksh*t everywhere...

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:29 3

2. raunak (Posts: 507; Member since: 12 Oct 2011)

Nice reply from Belfiore. Of course he had the answer already prepared.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:31 1

3. moroninc (Posts: 193; Member since: 14 Jul 2012)

boy duck meets girl duck

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:33 1

4. androiphone20 (Posts: 1654; Member since: 10 Jul 2013)

jealous much?

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:34 5

5. fouadqr (Posts: 326; Member since: 21 Nov 2012)

I'm excited about nokia and nokia X :D

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 11:51 3

16. Skoms (Posts: 118; Member since: 03 Feb 2014)

nokia flopped with wp8 and had to go Android. But its to late.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:37 3

23. bon24x7 (Posts: 206; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

growing market share doesn't mean flop..which parallel universe are you from?

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:38 3

32. SleepingOz (unregistered)

Well, in business, when your market share isn't growing fast enough(not even 1% a year) and you're barely making any profit at all, it can be called a flop. Especially if you were on top 5years ago.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 15:15 1

40. Dastrix (unregistered)

Learn to acknowledge that you live in a global village before you enlighten others with bias from the US.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:36 5

6. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

It seems that morons still run a muck at Microsoft...

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:57 6

10. Aploine (Posts: 426; Member since: 24 Oct 2013)

Or a duck

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:37

7. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

Also, if Microsoft is buying Nokia, then they could simply axe the Nokia Android program...right?

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:13

19. corporateJP (Posts: 2431; Member since: 28 Nov 2009)

These will all get pushed through the door before the ink dries on the contract. Nokia will cash-in before the handset division is purchased and MS axes it.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:05

30. sgodsell (Posts: 3637; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

I love stupid comments like this. Elop left Microsoft to not only work for Nokia, but to run and control the company. Naturally with the help of Microsoft kicking in 250 million per quarter. So is the public suppose to believe that Microsoft had no knowledge of an Android Nokia phone, and now with a total of 3 models? It comes down to WP is not selling, whereas Android is selling.
The sales numbers tell everybody that WP is not doing good. With 8.8 million WP sales for the last quarter, and Android sold 226 million in the same quarter. In less then 4 days Android sold more then WP during that quarter. To sum it up Microsoft is desperate for sales. They will take them even if it is Android.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 17:11 1

44. Liveitup (Posts: 1798; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

WP is not expected to just as well as Android because it never had all the advantages (eg) many OEM's that Android has, it's truly mind boggling that individuals only look at the outcome of a situation but don't look at the obvious circumstances that leads to said outcome.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:40

24. bon24x7 (Posts: 206; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

Don't think Microsoft is buying the Asha division...From the rumors so far, Android will be replacing the Asha OS on the Asha lineup..

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:51 2

28. corporateJP (Posts: 2431; Member since: 28 Nov 2009)

Nah. Microsoft gets it all, that's the terms of the agreement. Lumia and Asha go to the MS camp. Nokia cannot make smart phones for two-years due to noncompete clause. MS gets the rights to the Nokia name on feature phones for ten years. Patents get cross-licensed anywhere from four to ten years depending on what patent or service is in question. HERE services are Windows exclusive for four years.

It was in my last prospectus, I had to read it five times to make sure I was understanding the oddness of it all, especially the feature phone part, which makes very little sense.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 10:38 2

8. aditya.k (Posts: 493; Member since: 10 Mar 2013)

At least they are excited. Even if not much.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 11:07 3

12. mousesports (Posts: 274; Member since: 28 Feb 2013)

FU Microsoft . Bring it on NOKIA !

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 11:15 8

13. MrTzr (unregistered)

Lumia 1520 (or other high-end lumia's) + Android would be a great success in my opinion. But I really hate windows phone.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 11:52 3

17. Skoms (Posts: 118; Member since: 03 Feb 2014)

I also dont like wp,i sold mine.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:18

21. kanagadeepan (Posts: 922; Member since: 24 Jan 2012)

I will buy one for sure...

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:45 2

26. Liveitup (Posts: 1798; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

Different individuals, different perspectives, I love Windows Phone but dislike Android devices, you will find the same for every OS. Personally Samsung Google, HTC all seem to be in love with Windows Phone, with their Flat, clean UI and even Tiled like interfaces.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 14:05

37. dratomic (Posts: 483; Member since: 09 Oct 2013)

i love win desktop as much as i installed win7 on my offices mac. but i prefer android to wp because i actually feel closer to symbian and windows with it than wp

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 11:25 5

14. AfterShock (Posts: 3698; Member since: 02 Nov 2012)

Dude needs a haircut, looks like an angry bird character.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:17 1

20. papss (unregistered)

I agree with Joe.. I'd be surprised if these come out.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 12:43

25. corporateJP (Posts: 2431; Member since: 28 Nov 2009)

Production line is already on the move, old friend. Nokia will more than likely get their swan song...

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 13:00 1

29. papss (unregistered)

I meant to say the phones that a are rumored after this "X" phone. I should have been more clear.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 15:51 1

41. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

Like I said yesterday,,, I have no idea what MS, and Nokias plans are, and its mind boggling... Maybe we'll find out tomorrow.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 16:03 1

42. CEMIII (Posts: 110; Member since: 26 Jun 2013)

I will bet that when Microsoft closes on the Nokia deal. All the Android dealings will end.
Simply put its a conflict of interest. Microsoft will not build their platform while supporting the competetion at least not while under contract.
Comon REALLY this is a no brainer. The Google Motorola deal. Motorola is looking for some help now, cause they only make Android devices.
Google Samsung_ Samsung laid the law they said get rid of Moto use us but we are still free to make Windows devices.

This is Nokia's plan. Nokia tested the waters before the deal.
When the deal closes support will end up to a year after getting a device.
When the contract is over Nokia will be able to resume production on whatever platform they want.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 22:03

48. 7thspaceman (Posts: 1545; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

People still keep putting Former Nokia CEO Mr. Elop down but lets face the truth Nokia was is bad shape smart phone wise the Symbian OS was not as good as Android or Apple IOS and the New Meego OS was not ready yet. Elop set out to make Nokia the Best Windows smartphone OEM guess what Elop succeeded in doing just that. Nokia is the Best Windows smart phone OEM PERIOD!. Nokia is getting Billions of Microsoft cash to invest in other
Enterprises and will be able to make smart phones again in a few years if it desires to get back into doing that again. Nokia is not dead it is independent of Microsoft and will continue
to be in business doing other things than smart phones at least for now

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