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Striking Verizon employees may lose benefits soon

Posted: , by Ian M.

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Striking Verizon employees may lose benefits soon
The 45,000 Verizon employees that have been on strike since August 7 due to contract disputes have been informed that they could lose their health benefits if they are still striking on August 31.

It has been a week and a half now since about 25% of Verizon’s workforce went on strike. One of the main holdups in coming to an agreement is a $100 monthly premium for health insurance that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Communications Workers of America unions have no interest in paying.

The $100 monthly premium may start to look like a deal now that Verizon is threatening to take away those health benefits completely. This is just a new twist in the ongoing strike that doesn’t look like will be ending any time soon.

What would all of you do in this situation if you were one of the workers on strike? Would you stick to your guns or go back to work before August ends in order to keep your health benefits? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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posted on 17 Aug 2011, 20:55 3

1. QCL1976 (unregistered)

Stick it out people, I work for a unionized phone company myself and we almost went on strike 5 years ago and it would've cost the company millions of dollars to train "scab" employees, finally the company got their heads out of their a**** and signed a new CBA, Stick together and have faith.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 21:04 5

3. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

I used to work for Verizon a few years back, in a non-union part (was part of core, then my unit was absorbed into Verizon Business after the MCI merger). I paid a lot more than $100 a month for my family. Sorry, if they're griping about paying $100 a month for health insurance - which is actually pretty cheap compared to a lot of places - then I have absolutely no sympathy them.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 22:44 1

12. Christian (unregistered)

First off you have no Idea what you are talking about Superguy. These guys will have to pay a premium of +3000 dollars more then they are now a year for health care. And Verizon wants them to cut their pay by 20,000 Dollars. I would know I have family who work in the Cellphone industry. So stfu unless you know what you are talking about.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 01:33

19. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

register and post sources or your full of crap. period.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 03:43 2

21. christian_park (Posts: 6; Member since: 18 Aug 2011)





posted on 18 Aug 2011, 13:01 2

31. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

I'm not going to disrespect you the way you did me, Christian.

There are two sides to every story, and what you're citing is only the unions claims of what Verizon's trying to do.

You also ignore the fact that there is a distinct possibility they're being overpaid for their work. How many tech level jobs do you know making $80-90k for year, even with overtime?

A lot of people are losing their jobs. A lot of people are having benefits cut. Many people don't have job contracts, or "protection" for being lazy, sleeping on the job, etc. Yes, my friend was in the union and said it took a guy getting caught sleeping on the job 8 times before he got fired. Those guys do what they want because they have no fear of getting fired. There's no incentive to do a good job either.

Let's also not forget that the union has also been getting violent, using kids to picket, harassing people who do want to work and sabotaging phone lines.




There are two sides to every story. The truth is somewhere in between.

However, using kids, cutting lines, and beating people isn't a way for the unions to win the support of the public.

I can understand the unions have it good and enjoy the gravy train. However, it's also time to be realistic and realize that times are different and if they want to even have a job, they need to be flexible too.

If it's really that bad, they're free to find other jobs. No one's forcing them to work for big, bad Verizon.

posted on 19 Aug 2011, 02:14

45. christian_park (Posts: 6; Member since: 18 Aug 2011)

Superguy you do not understand the concept and principles here. What Verizon made in profits alone last year was I believe 9 Billion IN PROFITS ALONE. And they want to cut workers pay, & benefits because they want more money. Do you think that is right? If so then I guess you think monopolies are okay too? Because you sound like a person who thinks like this. If you have a job you should be grateful no matter the pay. But the sad thing is if they dropped minimum wage then there would be some people out there working for 6-7dollars trying to scrape by which would make the gap of the rich and the poor ever more prominent. And the middle class will be gone. The middle class is DYING now because people are giving into things like this, and people like you who say they should be grateful when others don't have jobs, well what I have to say to that is look back in history. Look how well people lived when they had been paid minimal amounts of money, given little to no benefits & no health care. Everyone was a slave for the corporation & lived in fear day to day because if they got hurt one day and was out for awhile then they would lose their job and have no income. Unions are what keep the middle class going. 80-90k is considered MIDDLE CLASS. So if you want more & more people in America to become poor & suck up even more money from our welfare money provided by us middle class people which is dying because of this. You have to realize its like a circle of life you mess with one thing and everything else will be affected. So instead of these union workers keeping their benefits and pay as it is now they want EACH to give back 20,000 dollars from their yearly pay which is 1 billion dollars total for the 45,000 union workers so Verizon can help their share holders.

So if the union members don't someone else will replace them making less then they should and scraping by or living not so modestly which will affect consumer purchasing which in turn affects Verizon because it makes them lay off more workers if the demand is not there.

And those people who are laid off because all they want is to keep the same contract they have had with Verizon for the past 3 years, when that happens those 45,000 will be taking money from OUR taxpaying dollars & causing the U.S. to borrow more from China causing our dollar to be weakened & adding to the unemployment rate.

Look at all the stuff that are affected by this.

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 13:53

47. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

I believe in a capitalist system. I don't believe in a social or redistributive system. Making money isn't a bad thing. In fact, making money is what keeps people employed. Most of us want to make money. Verizon is a publicly traded company which means many people own shares in it. Look in your 401k and you probably do too. If you work for Verizon, I know you do. You get paid a dividend based on what you own. So it's not like a few people are keeping all the money. Millions of people get that profit.

We're not talking about the minimum wage or monopolies. That's a straw man argument.

What part of the country do you live in if $80-90k is middle class? Many people where I'm from do very well on 40k a year. Most make a lot less than that. What skill do you or your compatriots posses that make it work 80-90k a year? What education do you possess? I know many skilled and educated professions that don't even make close to that.

My parents combined maybe make $80-90k a year, and they are far better off than many in the area.

If unions keep the middle class going, then please tell my why union membership is in the single digits? I've belonged to a union earlier in my career. They didn't do squat for me besides take my money. In fact, it promoted mediocrity as there wasn't an incentive to do a good job. I got paid the same as the jerk who didn't do anything. There wasn't any incentive to do a better job. And believe me, my union didn't get me anywhere close to $80-90k for the same level of work, and I was ok with that. My job wasn't worth that much.

This isn't the early part of the century where I agree corporations were out of control. There are a lot of laws in place to protect workers. However, going to the opposite extreme isn't good either. And if people are affected because of the strike and they go to Comcast or another competitor, that's less money to pay the workers too. You're hurting yourselves a lot more than Verizon.

The compensation package outlined by another poster was BEYOND generous and way out of line, especially for the work being done and education level required.

Sorry, I don't buy the unions protect us argument. They protect themselves. I don't buy the middle class is dying argument either. Government is doing more to kill jobs and the middle class than corporate action (that's not to say corporations are innocent either though).

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 00:12 2

16. WM6.5Sucks (Posts: 42; Member since: 06 Apr 2011)

Yessssss stick it out as long as you can!....While I take your job AND pay LESS for my health insurance than I do now!!!! :D Seriously 100 bucks a month? I can see a week but, a month!? I pay 70 bucks per biweekly pay(about 2 to three times a month depending on when is payday). I know I don't know all the circumstances, but if this is all that its about then just replace them....! Then again be prepared for mass riots because of that "stupid evil capitalism" crap thats been spewing about....

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 21:00 4

2. newfdog 13 (Posts: 64; Member since: 06 Mar 2010)

Fire them all.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 09:13 1

26. redleg6 (Posts: 25; Member since: 14 May 2011)

If I don't come to work, I get fired.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 21:06 2

5. Droid ZEx (unregistered)

Strikers need to face facts and realize that the wireline industry is dying. I can't say that the cuts are completely necessary; but it makes sense that a company like Verizon Communications would be hurting in this age of wireless technology. Employment is an agreement between two parties. If they're not willing to work for what VZ Comm is offering, they are free to find other jobs. Might be tough. Might want to consider a pay cut as opposed to a pay termination.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 21:15 4

6. gargoyle (unregistered)

I work for a union myself not a phone union but a union non the less. i pay over 50 dollars a week for my health insurance, And that is just for me. Other employees with family members pay around 70 to 100 a week on health insurance. Which is considered good for benefits in Michigan. So sorry no sympathy here either.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 21:31 1

7. wilton g (unregistered)

Where do I apply? Please keep striking people so I can fill out a resume, I have 3 years verizon experience. I have no insurance at ALL!!!!! And I work for verizon

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 21:39 1

8. beaner (unregistered)

I work at a union mine and I pay 7 buck a month for me and my family keep fight

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 21:45 2

9. Matt (unregistered)

$100 or $1,000, the number doesn't tell the story until we know more. What do they make, on average? What kind of coverage are we talking about? Wages are only part of an equation when dealing with labor issues. Does the company pick up the tab for college? Offer discounted or free life insurance? Paid time off or generous vacation? Telecommuting?

Much as weighing the monthly payment is a poor way to evaluate the decision to buy or not, the union members owe it to themselves to evaluate their entire package then decide if it's fair or not.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 22:56

14. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

I agree. It's easy for us to sit back and say "take the deal, fire them all or $100 is nothing". Like you said, the truth is we don't know the whole story. Last I heard The strike was because Verizon wanted to totally cut their pension and health care completely. So I understand the strike. Maybe if they get rid of a few golden parachutes or million dollar executive bonuses, they could make ends meet and put these people back to work.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 13:22

36. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

The links provided by Christian above showed them averaging about $80-90k a year with overtime. Not bad for not needing a college degree.

Few people have pensions these days. Most companies couldn't afford them and dumped them off on the government. See Bethlehem Steel and United Airlines as examples. So we, the tax payer, end up covering them.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 01:39 3

20. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

i used to work for verizon in non union. (most of verizon is not union). They offer tuition assistance, cheap ass benefits (it was like 150-200 a month for my family of 3), 401k, 401k match up to 6%, yearly 401k bonuses, huge bonus spiffs, free phones if ur a good employee, the industry's best pay scale, daycare assistance, and a crap ton of other benefits. The union has an even better deal. They need to quit whining and get off their butts and get the same program that the rest of verizon has, because its one of the BEST deals in the INDUSTRY.

i dont feel crap for those union employees. FIRE EVERY ONE OF THEM, and then maybe they will realize how good they have it. If your in the cellular industry and u work for Verizon corporate, you have the best deal there is. PERIOD. Most people with degrees cant find a job with that high of pay and that many benefits, much less these union employees which most dont have a degree in anything.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 09:05

24. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

I was a VZW employee as well, so I know the benefit IMHO were great. At least until they changed to Blue cross/Blue Shield. Everything got screwed up! They dropped really important coverages like infertility, but cosmetic alterations were still covered. So if you want a boob job, great your cover! If you want a kid, well if you check page 489, section C, subsection 42, fourth paragraph you see that blah, blah, blah.

I would like to see what the strike is really about, that's all. If you have great job with benefits, you don't strike over a hundred bucks. You work a few hours over to make up for it. But I think they are asking to give up more then we know, and that's why they say the devil is in the details.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 13:14 2

34. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

normally unions throw a fit when they are asked to have the same benifits as non union members. The last 3 or 4 major unions strikes are over just that. They want to be better than everyone else. For one, I am sick of it. I think major unions need to be restructured if they are hurting the business. I/we know VZWs excellent benefits first hand, and they want to keep more than that. VZW gives more than any other cell company to their employees. They need to quit being crybabies and get what everyone else has.

Yea, the BcBs thing really messed with the insurance but its still better than most everyones.

Tmobile doesnt pay nearly as much but the benefits actually are as good (and sometimes better) than VZW benefits, and you get all of them on part time.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 13:11

32. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

All true.

I was a midlevel employee. No management. When we moved from Core over to VZB, we got benefit cuts. What I had before we moved from core:

2 weeks vacation, with 3 weeks in the third year
14 holidays, 6 of which were floaters
unlimited sick time
10% annual bonus depending on individual and company performance (5-20% depending on job tier)
6% 401k match, with another bonus of 1-3% depending on company performance
Health and dental plans ~ 250/month for a family (never had IVF coverage, limited infertility) - 3 company choices
10k/child adoption assistance
8500/yr tuition assistance
VZ discounts

Pretty good package overall. When we got dumped onto VZB:

Vacation same
unlimited sicktime became 5 days, then 8
tuition assistance changed, with becoming reimbursement instead of paying up front. 1 yr commitment no longer required
Bonus/401k match remained (heard bonus changed though after I left)
Big healthcare changes. Plans doubled in cost, coverage not as good
rest the same

Still pretty good, but not as good as what we had. I know people who ended up getting laid off, but were given generous severance packages depending on length of service.

Sure, the benefit cuts sucked. I know a lot of people that left because of them. I did eventually too. Bottom line though is if you don't like your deal, you're always free to find a better one.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 17:05

40. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

Also, the rest of Verizon employees lost their pensions back in 2006. Some parts of Verizon think they're better than others.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 22:21 2

10. maybeNotbionic (unregistered)

all of them are a bunch of useless dumbas$ anyway

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 22:32 2

11. snuxoll (unregistered)

Just to make sure it's clear, this is Verizon Communications employees that are striking, not Verizon Wireless. Not really sure why this is on phonearena unless they're going to stat reviewing home phones anytime soon :)

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 23:57

15. WM6.5Sucks (Posts: 42; Member since: 06 Apr 2011)

Just hope you don't have verizon internet... :(

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 13:12

33. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

There has been picketing outside VZW stores.

posted on 17 Aug 2011, 22:48 1

13. iblackdroid (Posts: 67; Member since: 19 Jul 2011)

I would stop striking and get back to work like a normal civilized human being and continue my life WITH health benefits...

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 00:35 1

17. Immolate (Posts: 310; Member since: 17 Jun 2011)

The "norm" in corporate America today is no pension, 401k contribution matching up to 3-5%, health insurance that requires you to pay all of your costs yourself until you reach a level of thousands of dollars, and only really partially covers catastrophic costs, and mediocre education benefits compared to years (not that far in the) past.

If you're getting better than that, count your blessings. There are lines around the block waiting for jobs with these anemic benefits. Verizon knows it can replace all of it's lost workers for a much lower cost and bust the union at the same time. Their only cost is ramping up the new hires who get to learn very quickly thanks to the OJT created by union saboteurs.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 01:30 2

18. techaman (unregistered)

wow really people welcome to what the rest of us workers out ther are doing and paying you get to much already for less i hate and yet love unions, always asking for more money for same or less work.
i am a contractor in the field all weather so dont say anything about not knowing what its like out there.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 04:06 4

22. tekkie79 (Posts: 11; Member since: 21 Dec 2009)

Before posting an uninformed opinion, read the details of the strike:

All companies use profit to expand and enhance their business. There is no other way to for Verizon to pay for new buildings, to upgrade buildings, paint their walls, run thousands of miles of new fibre optic cable, replace distribution nodes, buy new computers for their workers, buy new vehicles, etc, etc, etc, etc.... Just because a company builds a profit does NOT mean it has to go into the employee's pockets. To just do what I've mentioned costs a company as big as Verizon Billions of dollars!! New development and innovation costs billions. Creating jobs costs billions. You have to spend money to make money.

While Verizon has to pay more and more to keep the lights on because the cost of doing business rises no company can do business as usual and remain competitive. When my bills at home go up, I have to cut something else to compensate because I'm not making more money. That is just the way it is. And if my roof needs replaced, or my basement floods I need to fix it which costs money. I have to get it from somewhere. This is what Verizon is doing. They have OLD equipment, buildings, and infrastructure which is failing and needs replaced. The money to fix this comes from profit.

Why should a person without a college degree make more than someone who does? I don't know. Who don't these individuals with low education seek to improve themselves by obtaining their degree then move up in their careers? I don't know. Why does someone believe they need more and more money to do the same job they have done for 20 years? I don't know.

What I do know is that there are much smarter, better educated, passionate, younger, and capable individuals that will do a better job for less money. This is called competition. "Bad" unions cripple a company. And most unions are businesses themselves that are profit driven also. Everyone wants more of a pie that is only so big. Stop being so greedy, everyone. We all need to eat.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 12:00

30. lbhawkes (Posts: 4; Member since: 18 Aug 2011)

There are too many cases of Verizon neglecting their plant operations to cite, not to mention personal accounts of employees. Bottom line...Verizon has all but abandoned is copperline services...by design, leaving it's customers little choice but to opt for other services or put up with detreiorating infrastructure. They now want to claim loss of wireline business as the reason for 75+ retrogressive demands. They don't want anyone to look too carefully into "spin-offs" to po-dunk companies that Verizon propped up(with loans and stock trade-offs) so the FCC would approve the sale of rural areas that Verizon had been mandated to maintain & upgrade. They don't want people to make the connection between profitable FIOS/wireless cell towers and DSL lines that are maintained by union employees.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 08:44 1

23. Irate Verizon Customer (unregistered)

I hope they fire them all, the rest of the country has had to make plenty of sacrifices, f**k you and your unions, suck it up like the rest of the country and take your cuts. I lost sympathy the second they started sabatoging job sites and fiber optic lines. Forcing your parent company to pay for repairs isn't going to get you your concessions, you're just bleeding the money away that you're asking for. Shut the f**k up, and take your cuts like every other American has had to. Wah wah wah, f**k you whiny union workers.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 10:41 1

29. lbhawkes (Posts: 4; Member since: 18 Aug 2011)

Dear Irate Verizon Customer,
Thank you for for contributing to the conversation. I must commend you the ignorance and incivility you show your fellow working class citizens, who a mearly trying to hang on to what they have, for surely you and others who think and behave as you do will help speed Corporate America's race to the bottom for the average citizen's standard of living.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 17:36 1

41. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

well, this is the real world and things change. The rest of verizon employees got benefits changed a few years ago. You union people need to wize up and get on the same page as everyone else and quit pretending that your somehow better. Why is verizon pushing FIOS? because its THE FUTURE.. quit living in the past, quit demanding more than your worth, or go find another job that gives you all the plush benefits you think you deserve with your high school or vocational education. Part of the reason VZW services are so artificially high is because of the monsterous benefit packages. They are industry leading.. even after the cuts. VZW is trying to be competitive. If they cant be competitive they will lay off people to save money.
Now ask yourself.. which is worse.. a lay off or a benefit reduction??

I hate crybaby unions.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 10:21 1

27. lbhawkes (Posts: 4; Member since: 18 Aug 2011)

This is what we are up against!

• In 2009 Verizon made 10.2 Billion dollars.
• In 2010 they made 14 Billion dollars, and paid NO Federal tax. In fact they actually received a refund from our government for 1.3 Billion dollars.
• In 2010 Verizon spent over 16 million dollars lobbying congress to create and maintain tax loopholes, and to weaken tax enforcement which allows them to funnel money overseas so they can report a loss on their U.S. taxes.
• Over the last 4 years 258 million dollars was put into the hands of the top 5 executives, out of which Ivan Seidenberg received a huge sum of 80.8 million dollars.

Wed, June 29th, 2011

Verizon wants to:

• Wages – both annual and progression increases will be tied to your yearly evaluation. If you receive a “Does Not Meet Position Requirements” you will not receive an increase
• Eliminate Night and Saturday Differential
• Eliminate Sunday premium pay
• Eliminate Double Time for hours worked past 49 in a week
• Eliminate all Overtime Caps
• Eliminate city allowances
• Create new job titles for the consumer and business call centers that would work on a commission based wage schedule
• Eliminate pension accruals. For anyone currently on the payroll your pension will be frozen as of December 31, 2011 and after that, there will be no more pension plan
• Eliminate the Pension Cash-Out option
• Modify the 401(k) Plan and the CPS
• Eliminate the Sickness Death Benefit
• Eliminate the current health care, prescription, dental, and vision plans and offer plans with high deductibles and contributions
• Eliminate accident disability benefits
• Cut in half the sickness disability benefits
• Reduce sick time pay to 5 days per year for those members with 20 or more years, 4 days for those with 15-20 years, 3 days for those with 7-15 years, 2 days for those with 2-7 years and 0 days for those with less than 2 years
• Reduce Paid Holidays to (7)
Eliminate the Job Security Provisions for all employees
• Eliminate the Movement of Work Protection
• Eliminate the 35 mile transfer provision
• Eliminate provisions in Force Adjustment Plan
• Eliminate New Contracting Initiatives agreement-which would allow them to increase the level of contracting
• Eliminate the Next Step Program
• Eliminate the half day on Christmas Eve
• Reduce the notice to the Union on Major technological changes from 6 months to 30 days
• Eliminate the Dependent Care Reimbursement Fund
• The Company has proposed to terminate the major health benefit plans that CWA has negotiated over decades.
• The company is demanding premium contributions for both the medical plan and the dental plan.
• In the first year, the medical plan premiums for a single employee would range from $390 a year to $1,420 a year, depending on the plan they choose.
• For a family, the medical plan premium would range from $1,380 a year to $3,810 a year, depending on the plan they choose.
• Premiums would increase in each year after that.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 17:39 2

42. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

sounds pretty damn REASONABLE.

quit crying you little union wet blanket.

Can I ask your education level? Are you a doctor? Are you so highly specialized that you can make these same benefits anywhere?

Or are you some highschool or vocational shlub like most of the union members?

If its the latter, u need to shut up and realize how damn good you have it... even after all those "cuts" that just bring your insane benefits package down to a reasonable level.

what a company MAKES in net is not the same as profit. Profit is also divested into other things like research and.... benefits... wow. Its not like it just sits in a bank for people to dive into like scrooge mcduck.

Also VZW and ATT had to pay back those refunds they got.

VZW isnt the bad guy, your union is.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 10:23 1

28. lbhawkes (Posts: 4; Member since: 18 Aug 2011)

because comments are limited to 3000 characters, here's the rest:

• The company wants to impose premiums for retirees as well. For pre-Medicare retirees, a single retiree could pay somewhere between $290 and $1,320 depending on the plan they choose. A pre-Medicare retiree with a family could pay between $1,280 and $3,710 depending on the plan they choose.

• Medicare retirees could pay between $145 and $960 a year depending on the plan they enroll in if they are single, and between $640 and $2,155 a year depending on the plan they choose.

• Premiums for the dental plan would be up to $185 per year for a single employee and up to $435 per year for a family, depending on the plan they choose.

• Retirees would also have to pay for dental coverage, the same rates as active employees.

• The most drastic changes are proposed in the medical plan. The company proposed to eliminate the PPOs and network plans that have been in place for decades and replace them with high deductible health plans.

• Before the plan would begin to pay any benefits, a single employee would have to pay $1,000 and a family would have to pay $3,000.

• In other words, the company is proposing to shift thousands of dollars in health costs to our members, without offering any improvements in health care quality or any support for our members to navigate the health care system. They are saying “You’re On Your Own” to our members and their families who need quality, affordable health care.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 13:18 2

35. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

Translation: You don't want to be treated like everyone else in America.

Cry me a river. Even with the costs you're being asked to pay, they're still significantly cheaper than a lot of people are paying. And they're probably still getting less for that money than you guys will be.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 14:44

37. Phullofphil (Posts: 801; Member since: 10 Feb 2009)

The other 75% need to walk of the job too. ITs not just about the 100 dollars a month more its about holding on to what you all ready have. It is a tough time too be in a union right now. Alot of it has to do with envy and jeolosy. People want what the unions have fought and sometimes died for. These people have families. and struggles like you and me. They should get our support not ridicule or talks of scabbing there job. I am union and if you crossed my picket line i would get violent if i had to. I would protect MY job. It does not matter if the industry is dying off. If you want a survice you better pay for it. If you want the work well there is a cost for that. If you cant pay for work you dont get that work.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 17:02

39. superguy (Posts: 293; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

Ever think that in "protecting" your job you may be dooming it? Look how many steel working and mining jobs were "protected." I saw the steel thing first hand as when the mills went bankrupt, my town went into a depression and is still there. An industry might be saved instead of sucking the life out of it.

If you get violent, you deserve to get your @ss arrested and thrown in jail. After all, those people you beat have families and struggles too. I see a lot of people getting violent to "protect" their jobs. If they're so proud of being union and being violent, then they need to own up to the consequences of those actions instead of running and hiding like a coward.

I'm willing to pay a fair cost for a service. Not an inflated one. If the price for the service isn't worth the cost, then the service is no longer needed, or they'll go to someone who will do it for a better price.

I'm not saying Verizon's perfect or innocent. However, there needs to be a give on BOTH sides. Otherwise, instead of keeping what you have, you end up losing everything.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 17:42 1

43. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

then your a mindless idiot.

if you force a company to keep absurd benefits that it cant support than the job will lose money and close its doors.

you morons cant seem to realize that your over paid for what you do and your killing not only yourselfs but your families and many other people who are affected by industrys in trouble. if you wanna picket.. go ahead.. but if i was jobless and wanted that job while you picketed, it should be mine and you should be fired. Why? Because I'm willing to work with the benefits they are willing to pay and you are not.
Millions are out of work and you cry over losing a caddilac package. you get no support from normal people. Its not jealousy, its common sense, and your lacking it.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 16:36 2

38. InspectorGadget80 (unregistered)

THESE people are stupid. Why go on strike when you have good benefits. This is the only reason why I'm glad I don't join unions. The UNION don't help you YOU PAY the union and it comes out of your pay check also you're paying for benefits. They should be happy that they have health benefits theirs no way health insurance is going down. It goes up every year. the company can't control price for health insurance

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 20:57 1

44. bolaG (Posts: 468; Member since: 15 Aug 2011)

I have to admit that $50 dollars bi-weekly isnt a bad deal for health insurance. I pay that right now myself in AZ for united health care insurance.

People need to appriciate what they have in these harsh times instead of making unecessarie requests. It would be one thing if your making less then minimum wage and then have your employer raise your insurance rates. Not the case here.

posted on 19 Aug 2011, 09:53

46. Irate Verizon Customer (unregistered)

All we can hope for is that they'll all lose their jobs and learn a life lesson the really hard way. f**k unions, and f**k you verizon workers.

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