TM Roh: President of Samsung's Mobile Division, the man who refined the Galaxy experience

Roh Tae-moon, also known as TM Roh, is currently President and Head of the Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics. He was appointed to the position in January 2020, replacing the well-known figure of DJ Koh.

TM Roh, Samsung's relatively new Head of Mobile Experience

Roh was born in September 1968. Little is known about his personal life, and the media coverage of his persona is tightly linked with his work at Samsung.

Roh joined the South Korean tech giant back in 1997, and before he was promoted to Head of the mobile division of the company, he worked in various positions within Samsung's structure. Most recently before taking his new role, he was working as a president and head of R&D (Research and Development) at Samsung's IT and mobile communications divisions.

Basically, before becoming Head, Roh was working as the unit number 2 executive. According to Bloomberg, he was regarded internally as an engineering expert who's meticulous about phone features. Given the fact he's worked for the company for nearly two decades, it's reasonable to believe he has had a big influence on Samsung's Galaxy lineups throughout the years.

He is known to also be the person responsible for expanding Samsung's original design manufacturing policy for low and mid-range smartphones. So, it's pretty safe to assume he was the man behind the very successful Galaxy A51 and A52 phones.

When he took his leading position at Samsung Mobile, he was tasked with lifting the veil of the second-generation foldable phone from the company, the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

But Roh's responsibilities didn't stop with phones, or actually, were somewhat broader than just announcing new phones and looking for better ways to innovate in the mobile tech market. He had a reputation to fix: in fact, Samsung's mobile division's reputation was suffering before he took his leading role.

For example, there was the 2016 Note 7 incident, where models tended to burst into flames. Also, there were quite a few delays with the first OG Galaxy Fold, where the displays were easily peeled off. Many people attributed those sorts of problems to the fact that the company was rushing phones to the market in order to compete with Apple and the then-quite-big Huawei.

Since Roh has taken the role of President and Head of Samsung's Mobile Division, the company has unveiled a multitude of exciting and innovative phones and has experienced stable growth and improvements in quality. The main phones that were announced under his leadership are the Galaxy S20, the Z Fold 2, and all subsequent Z Fold and Z Flip phones, all the way up to the most recent Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.

It's obvious to anyone who's been following Samsung for the last few years that the company's really outdoing itself in terms of innovation, refining its innovative designs and solutions, and solving problems - be it in durability, design, or even performance. For example, the Fold and Flip are now way more durable than the OG foldable phones by the company were, as Samsung's refining their hinge design.

We now expect to see him present the Galaxy S24 Ultra next year and bring the next-gen of the premium mobile experience to the market.

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