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By in large, headphones are manufactured and tuned in a particular way – all within the specifications of the maker, of course. That’s fine and dandy if you’ve grown to like the sound of those particular headphones. Case in point, Beats Audio headphones, which have the reputation of producing super rich bass. Not everyone is all about the bass, naturally, seeing that music covers a wide audio range. Enter Torque Audio, a Los Angeles based company specializing in high quality audio headphones, who has something a bit unconventional in the world of headphones with its over-the-ear style t402v headphones.


In a landscape where Beats headphones are found everywhere, the Torque Audio t402v blends a sophisticated design with some industrial elements. Not everyone will instantly fall in love with its looks, since there’s one singular color option, but the more we’ve use it, we appreciate its attention to detail. First and foremost, it’s comprised out of some high-quality stuff – so you won’t find any glossy plastic in this. The frame in particular is comprised out of reinforced spring steel, which not only offers strength and durability to the headphone’s construction, but there’s still a degree of flexing for a snug fit over the ear.

Torque Audio actually blends an in-ear and over-the-ear style with the t402v, seeing that it comes with on-the-ear and over-the-ear pads – they’re interchangeable, offering us a modular design that we rarely find in headphones. These pads feature proprietary 40mm bio-cell membrane diaphragm transducers, while the cushioned ear pads help them to rest gently over our ears. Between the on-the-ear and over-the-ear pads, we prefer the former more because the over-the-ear pads are just ginormous. For everyday use, the on-the-ear pads work more effectively.

Unlike other headphones that collapse along hinges and whatnot, the Torque Audio t402v only allows folds flat along the ear pads. Above all, it’s nice to know that these feel and look like premium headphone – they didn’t skimp out on the materials or construction.

Customized audio experience

Most headphones are tuned a specific way from the manufacturer, but the Torque Audio t402v sports a modular design by offer users with 4 distinct frequency levels thanks to its patent pending modi:fi technology. The pads are magnetically held in place, where the 4 different frequency levels are distinguished by the color codes – yellow, blue, red, and black. Now, the frequency levels are ordered from lowest to highest bass in that exact order. Looking closely, you can actually visualize the cutouts around the pads, as the small holes in the yellow color code helps to funnel bass into the channel.

Considering that it comes with two pairs of pads, on-the-ear and over-the-ear, there’s a total of 8 customized sounds achieved by the headphones. Before switching them, the only thing to bear in mind is to align the pads accordingly so that both are using the same color code – while firmly pressing around the sides ensures that the connection is snug.


True to the company’s values, the Torque Audio t402v delivers an unprecedented audio quality that’s personalized. Generally speaking, its audio quality is crisp and clear throughout the audio range – so it simply boils down to how much bass you want to hear. Of course, going with the black color code minimizes it, so that all ranges are equally balanced. Meanwhile, bass heavy lovers will undoubtedly enjoy using the yellow color code to get the full effect.

At the loudest setting, the speakers definitely reverberate with authority when using the yellow color code. Best of all, there’s barely any sign of strain or crackling when it’s pushed to its limits – everything seems to be backed with solid substance to engross us with the music.


Right now, the Torque Audio t402v can be grabbed via Kickstarter for the pledge rate of $300 – whereas its MSRP stands at $400. Even at $300, most general consumers would be skeptical about spending so much for a pair of headphones, but this isn’t your ordinary headphones. First, it combines an on-the-ear and over-the-ear style into one single package. Secondly, it features a modular design to offer users a customized audio experience befitting of their taste. And lastly, the price point is accompanied with a design that’s rich with premium aesthetics and construction.

Hardcore audiophiles will absolutely adore the customizable audio tuning that it offers, which even now, remains to be a rarity amongst headphones. Listen to music the way you want to, not by sufficing with what a company feels to be ideal for you. Break the chains and listen to it your way.


  • Premium design
  • On-the-ear & over-the-ear style
  • Customizable audio experience
  • Crisp, powerful, & well-tuned audio quality


  • Pricey

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