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T-Mobile Dash 3G Review

T-Mobile Dash 3G Review
The T-Mobile Dash 3G does not support the Inner Circle feature and has a rearranged keyboard, compared to the HTC Snap. These are the only differences between the two handsets. You can read the full review of the HTC Snap here.

Sometimes nostalgia kicks in when yourealize how a phone made such an impression on you. Like many ofT-Mobile's smartphone lineup, the T-Mobile Dash's successor was a longtime coming. Since its release, HTC has solidified itself as a topsmartphone maker that consistently pushes the boundaries. LoyalT-Mobile customers have been graced with the latest Windows MobileStandard Edition in the form of the T-Mobile Dash 3G.Even with the obvious reference to high speed internet connectivity,this sleek looking handset boasts some rich features that will appeaseany business professional.

Let's start off by saying how HTC has taken the time to meticulously create a device that radiates simplicity and style.The candybar style handset is compact enough, thanks to the slimprofile, to carry around in your pocket without the worry of having itbog you down. Its construction is solid – and you can see some of thedesign elements it shares with the original Dash. The soft matte finishmakes it easy to hold and prevents scratches from being too prominent.Some may make comparisons with the industrial look some BlackBerrydevices have taken, but the Dash 3G is equally as beautiful on theWindows Mobile front.

We're not expecting a huge screen with this device, but the 2.4” LCD screen is bright and largeenough for just about anyone to use. The volume rocker, found on theleft side, blends in nicely into the casing that makes it lookinconspicuous. The standard miniUSB port is used for just abouteverything from charging to data connection – quietly tucked awayunderneath a plastic cover on the right edge. Finally the 2-megapixelcamera sits squarely on the back, surrounded by a milled aluminumfinish with the speaker phone next to it. HTC did not go over the topby adding buttons on the casing – by doing that it exudes a clean slateand elegance that makes it shine.

HTC might have created the perfect balance of buttons for the QWERTY keyboard.Not only are they proportionally sized, they have that distinct tactilefeel so you know you pressed a key. It may feel a little cramped, butthe sheer size of each button makes up for that inconvenience. Aftergetting a feel for the layout, we were already speed typing without aniche. The trackball is the center piece and a nice change to thetraditional d-pad most devices tend to utilize.

There's no surprise in the performance of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard operating systempowering the phone. Well versed users of the platform will get suitedright away and will find navigation the same. Unfortunately HTC did notthrow in any new skins to mask the usual home screen layout – althoughmyFaves is integrated. The only time speed started to stutter was whenmultiple applications were being used at the same time – using the taskmanager to close unused ones improved the performance.

What we really missed here was the Inner Circle feature, which was available on the HTC Snap that we have thoroughly reviewed, but not here. It would have been great if it was present, since is offers you quite a handy way to organize your e-mail correspondence by allowing you to see emails from certain contacts only.

It's yetanother device that was worth waiting for T-Mobile customers – the Dash3G won't disappoint. It rejuvenates some life into the Windows Mobilelineup with its sleek look and catapults itself as a top contender – 3Gand Wi-Fi connectivity supplements it. Finally, this has one of thebest QWERTY keyboards on any similar devices – kudos to HTC keeping inmind that stark feature. There's no denying that the T-Mobile Dash 3Gwill win over users.

The T-Mobile Dash 3G does not support the Inner Circle feature and has a rearranged keyboard, compared to the HTC Snap. These are the only differences between the two handsets. You can read the full review of the HTC Snap here.

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