Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth Headset Review

We are testing an extravagant wireless Bluetooth headset of Sony Ericsson signified by the ‘easy-to-remember’ model code HBH-GV 435. This headphone uses a Bluetooth v2.0 technology and sports DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for better sound quality thru filtering of unwanted noises and echoes. We consider this device to be extravagantly looking because of its interesting shape – it differs from other models of the same manufacturer (most of them equipped with comparatively long boom microphones) – it is placed behind and in the ear but lacks a microphone stretching forward to the mouth. Putting a stress upon comfort and appearance while being worn, the 435 has been designed as an all-and-everyday device not to be an obstacle to your work, since it does not cover the ear and may be worn during a conventional conversation.

The set of the device includes:

  • Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435;
  • AC charger;
  • User manual;
  • Neck strap.
We consider the neck strap design very inappropriate because of the way it is attached: in order to secure it one has to tie a knot thru the opening in the lower rear part of the device. Naturally, while the set is in use, one’s movements are restricted by a strap, hanging by the side of the head – which is quite contradictory to the ‘No strings attached!’ slogan, used by Sony Ericsson to advertise the Bluetooth technology. The neck strap solutions of Nokia and Bluespoon (respectively BH-800 and AX2) were a lot better and followed the maxim ‘plug-n-play’ (easy to attach and detach) – the former by mechanically holding the earset by claps and the latter – by connecting to the mini-USB port.

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