Samsung Wave 525 Review

Samsung Wave 525 Review
This is a global GSM phone and it can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.


Samsung announced the low-range phones to carry its own bada OS back in June, naming them the Samsung Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro. Afterwards the company took care of the mid-range with the Samsung Wave 723, which we reviewed recently. The last news from the bada camp were for a true successor to the first Samsung Wave, called the Samsung Wave II.

To avoid duplicate pronunciations, the low-end members of the bada family are now ready to enter the markets, but with names consisting strictly of numbers. The Samsung Wave 2 is now the Samsung Wave 525 and the Samsung Wave 2 Pro, which simply adds a QWERTY keyboard, is Samsung Wave 533.  We have the Samsung Wave 525 of the duo announced in June, and are taking it for a spin to check how bada OS looks and behaves on a rock-bottom hardware...


The Samsung Wave 525 will not win any design awards with its plain black rectangular shape with chrome-like accents, such as a thin rim around the phone. The capacitive touchscreen screen is 3.2" with 240x400 pixels of resolution, which makes the interface and websites look scraggy, and average sunlight visibility. Underneath it is the home button, flanked by send and end keys. There is a volume rocker on the left, microUSB port and 3.5mm audio jack on top, as well as a lock/power button plus a dedicated camera key on the right. Don't ask us why bada phones have a separate shutter key, while their Android brethren by Samsung only have virtual camera buttons, as we can't answer that on behalf of the company.

You can compare the Samsung Wave 525 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The back hosts the 3MP camera, and replaces the usual glossy black plastic Samsung is using in most of its handsets of late for a dotted pattern one, which makes the phone less slippery to handle. The phone lies comfortably in the hand, and is fairly thin and light at 4.31 x 2.17 x 0.47” (109.5 x 55 x 11.9 mm), and 3.53 oz (100 g) of weight. The back cover is pretty prone to smudges and visible marks from everyday use, despite that it is not glossy plastic, but a simple wiping takes it all away. The Samsung Wave 525 will be available in three colors - black, white and pink.

Samsung Wave 525 360-degree View:



92. AnshumanM

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 14, 2012

My samsung wave 525 hangsup every now and then any solution to the problem? can any one help me out...

91. kamyachivate

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 11, 2012

it is dustbin type mobile.....................never ever purchase it.......................totally waste of money............

90. kamyachivate

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 11, 2012

samsung wave 525 is very worst & bad moble. i have used it since 6 month. and i have faced many problems. Don't purchase it.

87. santhosh123

Posts: 3; Member since: Mar 31, 2012

I am Using Samsung Wave 575.It is the worst Phone in the World.Dont Ever Buy baba os phone.Waste features in bada os....................?

84. srilekha

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 11, 2012

Hai friends.... in samsung wave 5253 Widget have more icons is setting unfortunatly. how to remove it friends........? please help me................................................................................?

88. santhosh123

Posts: 3; Member since: Mar 31, 2012

to remove icon in menu click edit u will find on top.After click.A red Dot will Appear click that.?

80. zincoxide

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 07, 2011

i go this phone as a gift from my parents and love it!!

89. santhosh123

Posts: 3; Member since: Mar 31, 2012

What Still Loving that Waste Phone..........?

79. aayushigoyal786

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 20, 2011

its a bull s**t mobile...nd samsung is a bull s**t company....i hate this moile nd its feature...its a pure dabba mobile...

78. nandu

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 30, 2011

Man... it's a gud phone....but the software becomes slow by time...... can anyone tell me till how much GB it supports....????

86. srilekha

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 11, 2012

it"s support 16 GB

76. Ismail unregistered

Yes you can most of the streaming sites.

75. Ismail unregistered

3months old Samsung wave 525 for sale with good condition with all accessories (Bill box everything) purchased for 7300, sale for 6000. If interested call on: 7795246765 (Bangalore)

73. Me unregistered

can i access you tube on this phone?

83. hello2me

Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 11, 2011

yes you can

72. pulkit unregistered

Is jar/jad apps working on wave 525...and whats the price of this in india???rplyy fast....

85. srilekha

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 11, 2012

in present price is 5840/- yester day i brought this mobile

69. rich unregistered

Can i use my Samsung Wave 525 for solo mobile

67. Aj unregistered

Samsung 525 is preety gud phone in small budget its a good Deal.......

66. nithi unregistered

i like to buy samsung wave 525... is it a good decesion...?

68. Aj unregistered

Ya Nithi Even I deal with same..........nice phone

65. synyster unregistered

Wave 525 does not support 3G but it has wifi

64. jamesashem unregistered

samsung wave 525 gets reboots automaticly while downloading..... why... can any one give me any suggestion to avoid this...

63. Ravi Sathe unregistered

Just yesterday I bought a wave 525 in India. Disappointingly, it shows only 20 text messages and that too the oldest 20!!!! How can I see all the messages on SIM card, especiall the latest 20 if not all. Please help.

82. hello2me

Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 11, 2011

you probably bought a fake

62. san unregistered


61. TNSsadas unregistered

Samsung wave sucks... plz do not buy this f**king video support...Bogus OS.

60. PRV unregistered

Its somewat ok. But u can't keep it till ur end life

58. ryan unregistered

how long the wave525 takes to charge the battery full??

57. aspirie unregistered

what are its packet content sply the earphone can anyone tell me ?
Wave 525
  • Display 3.2 inches
    400 x 240 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP (Single camera)
  • Storage 0.1GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1200 mAh
  • OS bada 1.1

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