Samsung Wave II to feature 3.7" Super Clear LCD and Swype-like keyboard for bada

Samsung Wave II to feature 3.7" Super Clear LCD and Swype-like keyboard for bada
Now we know the overarching question when you read the title of this news bit - why would Samsung dispose of its competitive advantage in smartphone land for the Wave II? The first Samsung Wave introduced the best the company can offer - 1GHz Hummingbird chipset, and a 3.3" Super AMOLED screen.

The chipset was so snappy, and the screen so vibrant, that we were willing to overlook the nascent operating system with hardly any applications yet written for it. After that, the company announced some low-end additions to the Wave portfolio - Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro - which are yet to see the daylight. Then it launched the Wave 723, a mid-range bada phone, which we reviewed not long ago.

Now, out of the blue, Samsung is announcing the high-end successor of the original Wave, but this time with a 3.7" WVGA Super Clear LCD screen, where the touch coating is applied directly on the screen, with no air gap in-between. A similar technology Samsung uses for its Super AMOLED displays. The Wave II is running the same 1GHz Hummingbird chipset, as its predecessor, and features 5MP camera with LED flash, capable of HD video recording. It also sports Bluetooth 3.0 and Trace, a novel text input method, similar to Swype, but tailored for bada.

We have no doubts in the merits of the Super Clear LCD screen. After all, the iPhone 4 proved you can have a thin handset with a power-sipping screen, even if it is not Super AMOLED. The question is why would Samsung dispose of its main advantage in the cut-throat smartphone business for a high-end handset?

We know that the Koreans, like the rest of the world, are running low on production capacity for AMOLED screens, and everything goes towards the Galaxy S and its entourage. With the announcement of the Wave II sporting a 3.7" SLCD, we are more inclined to believe it. Moreover, the plant that will increase the AMOLED capacity of the company tenfold, is not going to be operational until next summer, so Samsung does what it can. Moreover, it holds a controlling stake in the joint venture with Sony that makes the Super LCDs, which go into the 3.7" HTC Desire and Droid Incredible, after supply issues held them from receiving the intended 3.7" AMOLEDs. Still, that doesn't prevent the company from charging 428 EUR (~$585), for the Wave II, when it appears in Germany come November.

Samsung Wave II Specifications

source: Samsung (translated)

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