Samsung Propel Pro i627 Review

Introduction and Design

So here we go again with yet another device adding the “PRO” word to the end of the name of an existing model. Samsung’s presence has been surprisingly steady for AT&T with a diverse mix of devices geared towards different individual needs. Already a hit with the text messaging crowd, the Samsung Propel utilized a unique form factor that made it stand out . Building up on that similar form factor, the Samsung Propel Pro i627 may provide an alternate option for those looking for a feature rich smart phone.

The package contains:

  • Samsung Propel Pro i627
  • Charger
  • Protective Sleeve
  • User Manual
  • USB data cable
  • Starter CD


There is no denying the comparisons this phone will garner with the already released Pantech Matrix Pro. Although they have different form factors, they utilize the same design language with both having that chrome color and reflective plastic. However, the Samsung Propel Pro i627 uses it all around its body, providing chick embodiment. We like how it shines in the light, but it can easily attract smudges and fingerprints. It has that just polished feel every time you place it in your hand. Surprisingly, it feels really well built even with its wide body (2.4”) and thickness (0.60”). The weight (4.83 oz) is tolerable when you hold it in your hand and does not feel strained when placed in a pocket.

You can compare the Samsung Propel Pro i627 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The 2.55” screen manages to show some good detail thanks to the 320x320 pixel resolution. While using it indoors, you’ll notice the occasional reflections that did not pose too much of a problem. As much as we like the shiny material, it can be a hindrance for those trying to view it at different angles. Even when we placed it on the highest brightness, it just reflects everything which makes it difficult to see. Viewing it indoors had its quirks, but taking it outdoors to direct sunlight made it extremely difficult to read.

Samsung Propel Pro i627 is a square looking slider phone with a QWERTY keyboard when opened. The navigation joystick, located in the middle, is a welcome departure from the traditional directional pad. You can move it in any direction for navigation but also acts as a selection button by pressing it down. The circular border around the joystick will light up in red, green, or blue when a specific action is performed such as charging or receiving a message. The left and right soft keys are raised and wide enough to accommodate a finger press. Below that are the send, home, back, and end buttons which are flush with the surface. We had no complaints about the layout and feel to the buttons on the front of the phone.

When you slide the display up, it will reveal the four row QWERTY keyboard. It looks as though that Samsung decided to use a different layout than what’s been used on some of their other devices. Following the shape of the phone, the keys are squarish with no spacing in between them. It looks similar to the design used for the Motorola Q9h; with it being slightly raised. The buttons were just too crowded for us when speed typing away and found ourselves having to make corrections. This is especially troubling for anyone with larger fingers. The bright white backlighting illuminates the QWERTY making it visible to see the characters on each button.

On the left side, you’ll find the power button, volume rocker, and microSD slot. While on the right side of the phone are the dedicated camera button and proprietary USB/charging port. There is a latch you push down on the top of the Samsung Propel Pro i627 that releases the back cover to expose the battery (1440 mAh) and SIM card slot. Finally, the 3-megapixel auto-focusing camera and self portrait mirror can be uncovered by sliding the phone upwards.

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