Samsung Corby S3650 Review

Introduction and Design
This is a global GSM/EDGE phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA

Introduction and Design:

As the old saying goes, everything new is well-forgotten old. As a whole, the dictum hardly ever applies to the cell phone world, but every now and then we see manufacturers resort to bygone concepts of far-off days. For an instance, handsets with design allowing people to easily change the overall look of their device via various panels and covers were all the rage in the first few years of the new millennium and major part of the mainstream product range of Nokia and Siemens came with this particular feature as it was. The same concept has made a big comeback recently and we are talking about the latest trend of manufacturers providing ample personalization options. Say, HTC allows you to customize your Tattoo by ordering unique back panel or as it is in the case of the Nexus One, you´re presented with the opportunity to have the back of your new cell phone engraved to your own taste. The handset that we are going to introduce in this review is the forefather of Samsung´s youthful series, the Corby S3650. Regardless of whether or not it´s the replaceable panels or something else that has helped the handset to gain serious popularity, the truth is more than 3 million units have been sold in the first three months on the market.

As a whole, the Samsung Corby S3650 stakes on motley colours to attract the attention of youngsters, but the box also contains a black panel that we happen to like a lot, since it creates an enjoyable colour contrast against the buttons located on either side. Aside from the one that comes boxed, the manufacturer also offers many that can be additionally purchased and we have to say some of them are truly spectacular to look at, just keep in mind that the overall appearance of the buttons on either side of the phone cannot be altered, meaning you better take the fact into consideration when picking out a panel to your own liking. While we´re at it, we need to point out the mentioned buttons feature quite a pleasing travel and we didn’t encounter any issues with any of them. Unfortunately, the Samsung Corby doesn’t come with standard ports and is charged via the manufacturer´s proprietary connector that you can also use to plug in a pair of headphones – the USB cable is conspicuous in its absence, but it´s a good thing the box contains an adapter to 3.5mm jack to help you to easily connect an earphone set.

One of the cool aspects of the Samsung Corby S3650 is the handset integrates capacitive display. It measures 2.8 inches, has QVGA native resolution and all told, although it doesn’t exactly offer image quality that can be referred to as out of this world, it features truly proper sensitivity, so using it feels really enjoyable. The device is quite compact, albeit not nearly as much as the LG Pop GD510.

You can compare the Samsung Corby S3650 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

As a whole, the Samsung Corby S3650 is a likeable and compact model, designed with kids and youngsters in mind. We do like the fact that, while it´s an affordable handset, it doesn’t feel cheap in your hand. The option to easily alter its overall look makes for a nice extra feature as well.

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