Parrot Bluetooth EasyDrive Review

Introduction and Design

Parrot are a French manufacturer of accessories using the Bluetooth technology and one of the world's leaders of car kit solutions for mobile cellphones. We've already reviewed the high-end LS-3400 car kit with color display and integrated GPS navigation, but now we are testing a nice little car kit that doesn't require hardware installation and so is easy to be used in multiple vehicles – just plug it in the car's lighter (to use it as power source) and set the control unit up on place of the dashboard that is easy to be reached while driving and you're ready to experience the wireless (Bluetooth) handsfree experienced brought to you by Parrot.

The car kit consists of two parts: main unit (speaker) and a navigator/microphone (keypad). The first must be connected to the car's lighter since it is using it as power source, and the two are connected with a wire between them but wirelessly with your phone, using Bluetooth technology that is the world's standard for mobile phone accessories. The main unit houses 2W speaker that brings the incoming voice to your ears allowing you to accomplish a call. The speaker is situated under a round protective cover, and the car kit comes with a couple of these – you can use either a black or a transparent white cover over the speaker to match it with the car's interior, and as you can see from the images, we found the Black to look more classy in our car.

At the other end of the cord, connected to the speaker is the keypad of the kit and a microphone for transferring your voice to the other party. Taking or rejecting calls, volume adjusting or entering the menu systems is done via the two buttons and the rotating wheel. The two  keys for managing the call are made of glossy black plastic that easy catches fingerprints on its surface and unfortunately are completely flush and you can't feel them if you don't know there place. Their tactile response is also awful and pressing them is hard. A small “window” on each houses a green or red LED respectively, but they are not strong enough to be perfectly visible in the dark. Between the couple is the round volume key, covered with mat rubber. Pressing it is as easy as swiveling it and you won't encounter any serious problems with it at all, but this is only if you grab the whole of it and swivel it. 

The keypad is attached to the car's dashboard by a sticker on its back, but we'd liked if Parrot had included some clips in the box, as we guess that after a period of usage, the sticker won't be so strong as in the beginning and the keyboard may not stay in place.

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