Lexar 32GB Class 10 microSDHC Memory Card Review

Lexar 32GB Class 10 microSDHC Memory Card Review

At this year's CES, we learned that Lexar was about to release a new high-speed 32GB Class 10 microSDHC memory card for mobile devices. Even though there are other brands of 32GB microSDHC cards on the market for about a year now, most are rated at Class 2 or Class 4 speeds, though Patriot and WinTec both make ones rated at Class 10.

As smartphones have now become commonplace in today’s society, so is carrying around all of your pictures, videos, music, and work documents on them. Even though smartphones come with some user accessible internal memory, most of them are also relying on external memory, in the form of microSDHC cards, to be the main point of storage. Up until last year, the largest microSDHC memory cards were 16GB, but when the 32GB models came out, they were nearly $200 and limited to Class 2 speeds. Thankfully as time went by, prices began to come down and speed ratings started to go up.

The Lexar 32GB microSDHC memory card (model LSDMI32GBSBNAR) is the newest to be released for 2011 and features a Class 10 rating, which the manufacturer claims should be capable of a minimum sustained write speed of 10 MB per second and a read speed up to 20 MB per second. It is listed for $149 on the Lexar site, but looking around we found it for a more reasonable $103 on Amazon. Also included in the retail package is a small USB thumb drive adapter for connecting the memory card right to a PC’s USB port. We like having this added convenience, but the included thumb drive adapter is made out of plastic and feels cheap and very flimsy. A few times when we went to plug it into our PC, the plastic end felt like it could break without too much force. Coming pre-loaded on the Lexar memory card is a program called MediaMove, which you can elect to install on your PC. With it, you can have the program locate all of your media files on your PC and have it transfer them to the phone’s memory card, as well as backing-up media files from your memory card to your PC. It is a nice program to have, especially for a beginner, but we would imagine that most people reading this probably know how to manually transfer files between their PC and phone’s memory card.



5. Tomj777 unregistered

I have an HD2 and I'm constrained by hardware specification (the phone hardware doesn't lend itself to exploiting a speed greater than Class 4). That said, performance is noticeably better with my Class 6 8GB Sandisk than a more `generic` branded class 4.2GB card But here's the rub: Anecdotal evidence on various forums indicate that class 10 cards are optimised for sequential writes - most operations in the Smartphone world relates to Random Access, not Sequential... Both hardware and card access may have impacted your tests. I notice that my friends Desire HD seems to be able to exploit the Class 10 (according to SD Tools and general responsiveness compared to a class 4 The challenge I have right now is that I've a Class 2 32GB card (sent incorrectly by play.com rather than the advertised class 4) and a Class 10 32GB Lexar card... Do I send them both back or just send the Class 2 and see how the class 10 performs....

4. Richard unregistered

@Gary The Transcend at Amazon is a SDHC card and not a MicroSDHC

3. Gary unregistered

Transcend 32 GB Class 10 is $49.96 with free shipping at Amazon.

1. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

Difference in speed does not seem significant enough, to me, to justify its price. Just my opinion though.

2. giantgnome

Posts: 67; Member since: Feb 11, 2011

It may seem that way to you was because the no-name brand card was actually much better than its minimum Class 4 rating. If I could get a class 4 32gb microsd for much cheaper but it ran like a class 8 I would jump on that for sure. But if I ended up with a 32gb class 4 that actually ran at class 4 speeds then the lexar one is a much better deal.

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