LG GT505 Review

Introduction and Design
This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA, but without 3G.

Introduction and design:

We all know that cell phones equipped with touch sensitive screens are all the rage now. The thing is that not everyone can afford a high-end model and devices like the LG Cookie KP500, Samsung S5230 Star and the like are decent options for people who love modern technologies, but happen to be on a tight budget. Well, there are certain disadvantages to getting a cheaper handset, because lower prices mean less functions, no 3G, mediocre cameras and sometimes, pretty simple design. Fortunately, the market of cell phones equipped with touch sensitive screens has matured and models that strike the golden medium have appeared. That´s exactly what the LG GT505 is. It is simpler and cheaper than the ARENA KM900, but more advanced than the Cookie KP500 and comes boxed with a charger, headset with microphone, USB cable, user guide, software CD, stylus and screen protector. We need to point out the GT505 has a sibling, called the GT500 Puccini that looks differently and will become available through T-Mobile in Europe (initially in the UK only).

You can compare the LG GT505 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

In terms of physical dimensions, the GT505 is almost identical to the Cookie, due to the fact they are equipped with 3-inch displays featuring native resolution of 240x400 pixels and 262k color support. One of the drawbacks of displays that inexpensive cell phones come equipped with is that they are unusable in direct sunlight and the GT505 is no exception. Image quality is good indoors, although not as impressive as what the WVGA screen of the ARENA delivers and the overall sensitivity is above what´s considered typical of resistive displays. Another thing both the GT505 and KP500 share in common is they are entirely made of plastic, which means they tend to feel a bit cheap and not solid enough. The stylus compartment is located in the upper right part of the phone and we almost never came to use it during out tests, but it might come in handy for people with thicker fingers.

We didn’t have any troubles using the hardware buttons and even the small camera shutter, phone lock and volume rocker feel pleasing to press. The good news is the GT505 is equipped with microUSB port for both connecting the phone to a computer and charging it. What´s the bad news then? No 3.5mm jack.

There is nothing about the phone design to rivet your eyes, but still, the phone looks nice. We would definitely like to see the manufacturer roll out different color versions, since we are beginning to feel rather tired of the classic black (glossy edged) solution.

LG GT505 360 Degrees View:

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