HTC HD2 and Apple iPhone 3GS: side by side

Introduciton and Design
In this article we are comparing the European version of the HTC HD2,which is identical
to the one for T-Mobile USA (except for the 3G frequencies), with the Apple iPhone 3GS.


Now that we have reviewed the HTC HD2, we realize that it happens to be one of the best smartphones that we have seen. Thanks to its capacitive screen and great interface personalization, the HD2 has what it takes to rival even the cream of the crop high-end handsets. That´s why we decided to present you with the current article and closely compare the two titans of the cell phone industry today. Can we have your full, undivided attention, please? Because the HTC HD2 and the Apple iPhone 3GS are about to cross swords in an epic clash.


Side by side, the HD2 and iPhone 3GS look similar and yet much different from each other. On the one hand, they both deliver customer interactivity that is heavily dependent on touch sensitive screens. On the other, there is significant difference in scale here. The 3.5-inch screen of the iPhone is by no means small, but the 4.3 inches of the HD2 dwarfs it and makes it look as it was tiny. Both displays offer good image quality indoors, but the iPhone has the upper hand outdoors, in bright sunlight. Their sensitivity is extremely high, although the HD2 has the edge here, despite the fact that this is not much of an advantage in this particular case... we will tell you why a bit later.

As we have already mentioned in our review, the HTC HD2 has the most compact dimensions achievable given its huge screen, which explains why it´s slightly more voluminous than the Apple iPhone 3GS. Despite the larger size, however, we don´t really think the HD2 is at disadvantage, because the difference is not significant and if anyone is willing to carry about the iPhone in their pockets, there is absolutely no reason for them to feel reluctant about tucking the HD2 in there.

It ´s not right to pass final judgment based on the outer appearance and appeal of any device, because design is totally subjective and something that everyone decides for themselves, as they say, one man´s meat is another one´s poison. Would you prefer the iPhone’s appearance, or you’d rather choose the style HTC has picked for the HD2? We consider them equally nice.

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