Divoom Bluetune-Bean Review


Divoom is a company we’ve come across before in the past, but for the vast majority of people, it’s still widely regarded as unfamiliar brand name. Well, that’s partly because they specialize primarily in affordable portable Bluetooth speakers – and nothing else. Call it cute, call it adorable, the Divoom Bluetune-Bean continues the trend for the audio company with its compact and travel-friendly nature.

Like we said already, the speaker is undeniably cute looking – more so when it’s available in a rainbow of bright colors. In fact, it’s available in blue, yellow, pink, red, white, or black paint jobs. Our specific model, one that’s doused in a hot red color, has a soft touch matte finish that helps to give it a clean appearance. At the same time, the subtle rubbery feel helps to repel nasty baddies, like fingerprints and smudges, from dirtying its looks. Aesthetically, the speaker’s design reminds us of a lady bug, especially with its oval-like shape.

Obviously, its compact size allows it to be attached to almost anything with the included carabiner clip. It’s not something we’d recommend carrying inside of our pockets, but rather, it’s perfect for clipping onto a backpack. Thanks to soft touch matte finish, it provides for some shock protection in the event of a fall. Around one of its sides, we have physical power and multi-function buttons – while a flap towards another side safely hides away its microUSB port.

Pairing the Divoom Bluetune-Bean is a simple process, since it’s automatically placed into pairing mode when it’s first powered on. Testing it out with an iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, while placing its volume to the max, we admit that its volume output is undoubtedly blaring, but there’s somewhat of an annoying shrill tone with its quality. Definitely, it strains at the loudest setting – so it’s best to have it around the middle setting for more pleasant tones.

Your wallet won’t be drained picking this one up, seeing that it retails for $30 online. Without a doubt, it’s an affordable thing that will appeal to people who want a small and compact Bluetooth speaker that can be attached to a backpack for quick access and instant play. However, just don’t expect to have an effective punch to encompass large areas. For what it’s worth, most people would merely use it in place of a smartphone’s internal speaker.


  • Cute design & available in different colors
  • Compact, so it's travel-friendly
  • Affordable pricepoint


  • Shrill audio output at the loudest setting
  • Strained tone at times

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