Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM

Although the Motorola XOOM managed to get a slight head start in making some headlines so far this year in the tablet market, we’re already seeing the Apple iPad 2 demonstrating its might as it flexes its muscles in hopes of retaining its crown amongst the newest generation of tablets out there. On one hand, we have the Motorola XOOM that’s backed with the overhauled Android 3.0 Honeycomb experience, and bevy of next-generation hardware to keep it up with the times for a while. And of course, there is the iPad 2, which uniquely modified our perception with its intricate razor thin profile – while still making some moderate improvements over its predecessor. Precisely on schedule, these two juggernauts in the tablet arena will undoubtedly capture the attention of the world right now, but which one will keep you interested in the long run?


Unsurprisingly, the iPad 2 obliterates all prior notions of what tablet design should follow since it literally blew off the front cover with its amazingly thin razor profile. Even though we might think that the Motorola XOOM’s 0.50” thickness is respectable, the 0.34” thickness of the iPad 2 makes for an instant jaw dropping realization – especially when Apple touts that its battery life is unchanged. Even more for the iPad 2, we prefer its brushed aluminum casing seeing that it’s better equipped at repelling scratches, debris, and fingerprints. Unfortunately for the XOOM, its metallic rear casing is awfully prone to retaining dirt and is rather difficult to clean as well. Give any individual a choice between the two, the attention grabber easily goes to the iPad 2 nine out of ten times.

Barely considered a major difference, the Motorola XOOM sports the larger of the two screens with its sizeable 10.1” LCD display versus the 9.7” IPS display of the iPad 2. Even though the XOOM boasts a higher resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, it doesn’t drastically offer any better clarity or detail over the iPad 2’s resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. However, it’s obvious that the iPad 2 produces richer looking colors since darker colors, like black, appear to look smokey in tone on the XOOM. Moreover, the viewing angles on the iPad 2 are superb which make it supremely better to view in outdoor settings. Lastly, the oleophobic coating on the iPad 2’s display makes it very easy to clean versus the XOOM.

In our experience, there are rare instances when we would accidentally press the virtual buttons of the Motorola XOOM. Still, the springy home button of the iPad 2 soundly eliminates any hint of potentially pressing it by accident.

Placed in a familiar location, the dedicated power button of the iPad 2 still retains that prominence which is equally complemented by its solid tactile feel.  Uncharacteristically, the XOOM’s recessed power button is located in the back of the tablet, however, it perfectly lines up with our index finger as we hold it in landscape.

Without a doubt, the volume rocker of the iPad 2 is exponentially better than the tiny and rather stiff felling volume buttons with the XOOM. In addition to that, we find the silence switch of the iPad 2 to come in handy for quickly turning off its speaker.

Since the iPad 2 carries over the same single speaker, it’s nice to see that the XOOM employs two speakers, left and right, which enables it to deliver stereo sound. However, the speaker grill with the iPad 2 is placed more at an angle which aids it in better dispersing audio.

And if you want to easily share content, you’ll probably adore the list of traditional ports on the Motorola XOOM – like its microUSB and microHDMI ports. Specifically, you can output the XOOM’s display to your high-definition television by simply connecting it with an HDMI cable. But if you want to do the same thing with the iPad 2, you’ll need to purchase its optional digital HDMI adapter that snaps into the proprietary 30-pin port.

When it comes down to cameras, the XOOM manhandles the iPad 2 in this category since it features a front-facing 2.0-megapixel camera and a rear 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with dual-LED flash. Comparing it to the iPad 2’s paltry 0.3-megapixel front facing camera and less than 0.7-megapixel rear camera, it’s already giving away a good indication as to which one will provide the better quality.

Despite not having easy access to their batteries, it’s nice to see that you can increase the storage capacity of the XOOM thanks to its microSD card slot. At the same time, it enables you to quickly share content – whereas on the iPad 2, you’ll need to connect its USB cable to get things transferred.

Finally, the XOOM still has one ace up its sleeve that has yet to show itself that will give it faster data speeds than the iPad 2. Down the road, the XOOM will be retrofitted with a 4G LTE modem that will provide next-generation data speeds – which will outperform the 3G speeds found with the iPad 2.



68. wabisabi unregistered

Sorry apple Fans. I purchased an iPad 2 w/3G. I returned it and I wish I could return the desk top Apple my teenagers bought for me. They have been trying to convert me for years. They seem symple but they lack the intellegence of the Microsoft and Droid operating systems; in my humble opinion. I am in the market for a tablet or to upgrade my Droid-2 phone with one that has a larger screen and basically does everything a tablet can do. I am wondering if the comparisons being made here are iPad 2 vs the unreleased xoom or the existing xoom model (?). Please excuse my grammer or spelling issues here. I am highly Dyslexic with a Masters Degree and profrsionally, an advocate for children with special educational needs. The people who need additional education are those who live in glass boxes; not those who think outside the box.

67. mattwilkinson

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 24, 2011

xoom is the apple killer!

66. Mar unregistered

I have an Ipad 2 and I don t like it very much, but certainly I use it A LOT because I need a tablet at home with a larger screen than a phone, and without having to turn on the computer or stand up from bed. The Ipad works for that. I m not young and have a bad vision and need a crisp screen. I have worked with hardware for about 30 years and I d like to have a little bit more control over the software, files, etc, This is a honest question. I understand young people using Apple, looking cool, etc. But that is not my case. And here I ask to those who have had both of them in their hands: giving my profile and age, do you recommend me sell the Ipad and buy the Xoom. Yes or no? Thank you very much. PS I haven t seen the Xoom in person.

65. Neolancer unregistered

Apple flash memory is faster than any SD Card and it's the most important. I want speed and ipad is simply faster. USB for my Pc´s, iPad haves a cable for that. I want the iPad for walk with it in my hands or for my car...I don't need any USB for that. It's haves camera (Oh! what shit! i don´t have flash led, what problem!), GPS, and multimedia player, good processor and a great graphics chip. Ah! i forget it. I don´t need flash player, i'ts only probmems. HTML 5 is the future, simply. Do you know "Made for iPod" mark?

64. Neolancer unregistered

You (All) don't need any review or comparison, if you are full of prejudices about both Tablets. Any is whole better than other, I look better the iPad, but Is really better? This don't matter for me. I like iPad, you like Xoom and he or she likes Galaxy Tab. Is that so important???

62. TeeHeee<3 unregistered

How much tablet specified apps are there for Android? I know that iPad has about 70,000 apps... I think there is only about 150 for Android Tablets? :|

61. iSheep unregistered

But, I just wanted to suck Jobs... So what...

58. bucky

Posts: 3797; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

this ipad2 is gonna crush everything!

56. Robes unregistered

The iPad 2 is better. It's really plain to see. I've seen several benchmarks including those on Anandtech that showed the iPad crushing the Xoom in graphics tests. Multiple test. You people just spit out made up facts! They told you that the video quality from both rear cameras was the same. The iPads cameras are for video! And as for flash.. It's absent right now! CRICKETS! I can tell you what the iPad now and use it in this review if I wanted. If it doesn't have it now then you can't use it. I could easily say that in 10 months the iPad will have a 10MP but it doesn't right now does it?! Just like the Xoom has no flash! I honestly can't tell you how many people I've seen on the Internet talking about taking their crashing Xooms back and getting the iPad 2. Nobody wants to piece together an experience when we can get it all in the same place. You known like a mall. Apple is like the ultimate mall for digit media and they create works of art to play it on. You don't have to like it but you won't stop the mall. Same with Walmart. One Stop Shop. Android is the quilt made of patches. Or shall we say the very first terminator after a few explosions. Trash. By the way. I have a Nikon D90 and an iPhone 4 in my pocket if I need to take an excellent picture. Who the hell walks around with a big ass tablet taking pics?!

57. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

The Anandtech benchmark is the only benchmark that has been done. Every site talking about a benchmark where iPad supposedly crushed the XOOM is quoting Anandtech. Flash is coming very soon, and will probably coincide with a general rollout of 10.2. So no crickets here. You can't compare a software update to a lacking hardware feature, especially one that you can't upgrade. The iPad 2 will never have a better camera. Even if it WERE upgradeable, Apple would never do it for you. I've seen just the opposite stories, about people taking their iPad 2s back and getting XOOMs, or simply loving the XOOMs they have. So anecdotal arguments are silly. Malls are soulless and they're all the same. And usually employ douchebags. Smaller stores which are individualized give you a better experience as a rule, and if they don't there's plenty more where they came from. Comparing iPad 2 to a Walmart was a complete fail, btw. Totally ruined your argument. But it relates surprisingly well: Lower price for worse quality, less bang for your buck. XOOM is a bit more like Macy's, or Kohl's. Bada bam. If the camera wasn't important, then why is it on the iPad 2 to begin with? Get your own arguments straight. Use some *gasp!* LOGICAL CONSISTENCY. If nothing else, Motorola at least TRIED harder with the XOOM. It may have a few rough edges, but for the amount of time they had to come up with a completely new product in the face of multiple other device launches AND a complete corporate restructuring, they did a DAMN fine job. Apple had an entire YEAR to build on the original iPad, and could have easily done so much more with it. But they didn't. Because that's how Apple makes money, by making people come back to them year after year to buy incremental upgrades. It's widely agreed upon that the iPad 2 should've been how the first iPad turned out. So to HELL with you, buddy. Take your Wal-Pad and go home, let the adults do the talking.

55. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

*sigh* to all of you iPad lovers, citing sales figures is NOT an argument for a superior product. We get it, mobile iProducts are outselling the Bible. All it means is that Apple built some good products (NOT the best by any means) and they have killer marketing. The ads for the XOOM have been extremely lacking, and it's a first for Motorola. They have never ventured this far into computer tech, and they're still rebuilding their reputation from years of products that ranged from boring to horrible. On the other hand, Apple started out doing computers and they've built a rabid following of customers with too much money and a desire to be hip and fashionable. They've also done a great job in the aesthetics department. Also, look at their marketing. On Verizon's website the iPad and the iPhone get their own separate categories, and they're showcased on the front page and in a banner that appears before the flash plugins. I mean, what the hell IS that? But that's how Apple sells, by building unbelievable hype, using very careful marketing, innovating once in a while, and creating an aura of exclusivity. If I were to liken the two companies to any other two, I'd say that Apple is Toyota, and Motorola is Ford. I prefer Ford, and I sure as hell prefer Motorola. They're trying hard and they're building the hell out of their high end products. And they're coming up with more innovative ideas than Apple has in the past decade- like making a laptop with a plug and play processor contained in a high end smartphone-all for the cost of a cheap regular laptop. (Atrix) Give me one product that Apple's come up with that was more original than that. So, the first article that comes out claiming the iPad 2's superiority over the XOOM has all of you iFanboys aflutter, and now you'll subsequently ignore any test that says otherwise. Fine. Take your toy and begone. We Android lovers will continue to use our phones and computers for more than just dicking around.

54. Cee unregistered

iPad 2 trumps the Xoom because it's a Chic magnet. I brought my ipad2 to work and it drew the attention of all the beautiful women at my job. Damn I loved that attention. They all wanted all wanted to try it out. I don't think you can get their attention with the Xoom.

50. bucky

Posts: 3797; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

i wonder what its gonna take to get the competition upto scale to compete with the ipad2...

49. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

Why do I prefer iPad? Better OS for me. Much better touch screen, more stable, more enjoyable to use, way more apps!. I have Apple TV and it works great with that.

47. giorgio unregistered

I purchased the iPad 2 played with it for 4 days I really don't see were is it better then my first I pad that now in the hand of my kids on the 5 day my brother in law came to my office he saw me with my iPad 2 said to me lucky you and he played with it he loved it he said to me I'm going to order one I said don't do that just give me what I paid and its your deal done he left with he's new iPad I left my office and drove to best buy and I purchased the Motorola xoom best buy activated the Motorola xoom I returned to my office played with the xoom for 3 hours done my business and played with the Motorola xoom at the same time how better it is I must say it put the iPad and the ipad2 into a shame that how tablet should operate and feel like I go home back with my xoom then my wife my daughter and 2 teens boys played with it and they asked me to buy them one for eash I said yes wait until Christmas or use your own money they all said ok thanks dad my wife said I'm going to Verizon tomorrow to buy one for me and I asked her what about your favorite toy the iPad she said ill give it to someone great she did get her xoom and her iPad gone Ho get it her sister here come my brother in law to my home were in my office he see my xoom he asked what is this I said a tablet he said is it as good as my ipad2 I said see for yourself he played with it he kept on playing with it I asked him to put he's mine into the business deal that we must work on hes answer I hate you and the ipad2 I said why he's answer how come you make pay for the ipad2 when this tablet much more better then the ipad2 he said I mean iPad2 amazing but this thing put it into a shame that what tablet should be like I said but why he said I just hate you and the ipad2 you sold to me I love the xoom and I will exchanged for the xoom if you willing to do so I said no thanks just give it to someone you love and buy a Motorola xoom of your own mine staying in here with me.

52. run-on unregistered

I do believe that is the longest run-on sentence I've ever seen. . . well done ;)

46. dsg_cobra

Posts: 35; Member since: Nov 25, 2009

hardware motorolla did excell there. however when you compare os and vulnerability to viruses. adobe flash has put out warnings to how their is a virus getting access and control over your device, and how many people have to factory reset their droid due to apps freezing and malicious software being installed on their phone. compared to 0 calls about iphone virus calls i get with freezing. i am 100% on board with ios anyday over android. ive had both and can say ios is 100X better. + not to mention the quality of the apps on ios vs android. the graphics and quality of the apps are amazing. Now you android fan boys start blazing cause your blind to these simple facts..

40. IOS5 unregistered

Sorry man my bad any way this your choice. Ps. VRX545 Gpu made by samsung just for your info

37. bucky

Posts: 3797; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

MAN! I dont even know how they could even compare the xoom to the IPAD2!!!

45. @bucky unregistered

I know, right!!! The iPad was lame to begin with and the IPAD2 just slaps on some crappy cameras on to make it even lamer. How sad is that? The largest computer company can't even put decent cameras, standard ports, sd expansion, 4G, and a decent amount of RAM in the iPAD 2. . .. pathetic isn't it!?!?!? No wonder they keep the profit margins so freakin high.

33. stilt

Posts: 63; Member since: Jul 13, 2008

so because the devil has more people in the world following him by not obeying GOD, the devil is the winner also?? thats what people are basically saying cause they only compare apple to android from perception like "launch day lines, and slimmer, and pretty" you significant other might not be cute but that cute person may have diseases so what looks better aint the cause it what performs better and what is better that matters the ipad 2 wifi only price 16gb 499.99 32gb 599.99 - motorola xoom 32gb 599.99 on contract. 799.99 retail 64gb 699.99 now the xoom is suppose to be the same price as ipad 2 with adobe flash capability, it comes with 32gb of onboard memory then all those micro sd cards that you have from past phones you can pop in there and keep on storing away which makes the memory limitless, better screen resolution, better cameras, if you get it on a contract it is upgradeable for FREE to 4g LTE, its faster as proved in absolutely every test out there. so when you go to the dealer ship do you expect a mecedes to be the same price as a honda? NOPE and mercedes are high class very popular wanted vehicles, but there are a whole lot more hondas out there right being sold, so does that make honda better than a mercedes also? people stop buying into the commercials and ads and sales pitchs and the simple its so easy commercials that apple has its is a nice device but if you are going to pay any money at all for a tablet why not go for the gusto for a few more dollar. it only common sense. if it takes you $65 to get 3/4 tank of gas and it's $72 to fill completely up what would a smart mind do? i know what alot of you would do "$72 is to expensive im going to just ay the $65 for 3/4 of a tank". smdh

32. Crucial unregistered

OMG, the fanboyism here is really pathetic. Just pick the ones you like. Why you wanna go around and bash other products? If you don't like it, then leave it! Is it that hard? Or is it because you really want the iPad 2 but couldn't get it due to it flying off the shelves like hot cake while XOOM is still awaiting its new faithful owner? Come on! Get a life people! Nowadays its all about the experience. Android phone outsell iPhone 4. Hooray!! But when you look at 65 phones joined together to outsell 1 phone, you kinda get more or less how pathetic it is. ==" (link: So if you don't like it, then you can might as well get out. I don't own any iOS or Android device but truth be told, I am gonna get the iPad 2 for 2 simple reasons: 1. It is affordable 2. The experience is really fluid. Honeycomb is definitely good, but like WP7, it still needs some more nurturing and support from its parent, Google. I don't have a single doubt that Honeycomb is gonna be a major player in the future, but as of now, the software is still not optimized for the flock of dual-core processors out there. There's still smnall sign of jerkiness. Mind you, I gonna get iPad 2 and probably an Android phone 2.3 gingerbread from HTC (Rumored Pyramid) simply because Gingerbread has obviously outperform iOS. That's why I am stressing on the overall experience of the platform. Hardware is important but without outstanding software, it will still fail. "We can't clap with only one hand" I am ready for all your thumbs down now!

36. stilt

Posts: 63; Member since: Jul 13, 2008

theres your first thumbs down... ipads just started the dual core processor also guy, and when you look around droid are taking over fast and slowly at the same time. fast = because everyone is buying them because you have so many good options to choose from and flavors and size and keyboards and touch screens. slow=because it just keeps getting better and people that have ipads or iphones have friends or family with droids and start to say "how can you view that site", "how do you have all those movies for FREE?", "you didnt have to purchase that episode from itunes?" u download the ebook that i paid app store 10 for for free on a droid"," wow angry birds was free on android and i paid for mine on apple" "wow you got an update and didnt have to wait for the next generation of phone to come out and then buy a new device so you can be up to date?"

27. Thump3rDX17

Posts: 2160; Member since: May 10, 2010

"In our experience, there are rare instances when we would accidentally press the virtual buttons of the Motorola XOOM. Still, the springy home button of the iPad 2 soundly eliminates any hint of potentially pressing it by accident." ^ you've got to be kidding me with're using a 10.1 inch tablet and you "accidentally" touched the virtual function keys at the bottom left of the thing? they aren't even buttons or capacitive buttons or anything, they're apart of the OS, i think this is the first time i've seen a review knocking a software feature because they "accidentally touched it"

19. davecann2

Posts: 460; Member since: Mar 15, 2011

In terms of hardware specs the XOOM is the obvious winner here. This isn't anything new. Any individual can do minor research and see the XOOMs specs are better in most catagories. But im my opinion, and this is an opinion, I favor the ipad2 simply because I know what I'm getting. A solid product with very decent specs that will easily exceed my needs for the next year (until the ipad3 and XOOM2 arrives). Sure the iOS is dated but its still easy to use for the mass and an excellent functional enviroment experiance for the pro. There are already numerous arrticals stating XOOMS poor sales figures and wide spread talk of price reductions and production cuts because the demand simple isnt there. By this summer the XOOM will probably be a forgoten toy much like Samsungs Galaxy Tablet. I know my argument for the ipad2 is weak but this is just the way I see it happening.

16. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

lol. i love how he tries the moto update crap. hey dude. this is base honeycomb 3.0. There are no moto customizations. It will get updates the moment Google pushes them. iOS needs a major overhaul it is leagues behind. Even iphonearena said that in their article. Too bad they couldnt actually come out n say "the xoom won in 8 of 10 categories (and im sorry but asthetics arent as important as functionality) so it is the hands down winner".

14. IOS5goBACKtoSCHOOL unregistered

I said go back to school because of your grammar. Here let me re-quote you. (maybe if I include a spaced line this time you'll see my point... Stay with me Jimbo) Here is what you posted >>>> "Did motorola has a 300,000 apps and same quality as iPad 2! No, did Motorola has 9x graphic better than iPad 2! No,did motorola xoom has usual update in time!" did you mean >>>> "DOES motorola HAVE300,000 apps, DOES motorola HAVE 9x better the GRAPHICS. and btw the iPad 2 is quoted as 9x better graphics better than the original iPad. Nothing out there has nine times the graphics of the iPad 2. It doesn't even exist. That's kinda like me saying "Does your iPad 2 come with a signed autograph of Charlie Sheen.... NO!!" Jump off a bridge

34. Honeycomb FTW unregistered

Google nailed the tablet UI with Honeycomb! It's the best user interface I've seen. . . for any device. I really like it. And it is easy to use than iOS--anyone saying otherwise clearly hasn't played with it and/or is brainwashed by using iOS devices. Motorola has put together top quality hardware. . . period! Tegra 2--are you kidding. It's NVIDIA, the gpu king! ifans will try to point to the anandtech benchmarks to say the iPad 2 gpu is better than the Tegra 2, wrong! Those benchmarks are flawed big time--ignores 30% higher pixel density of the Xoom, no hardware acceleration for the Tegra 2 gpu for many of those benchmarks but is enabled for the A5--just a joke. And game devs have already stated that the iPad 2 can't handle the HD games the Tegra 2 can (source:,2817,2379264,00.asp ) And PcMag has benchmarks showing the Xoom is way ahead,2817,2381767,00.asp Top that off with real world side by side comparisons and the Xoom loads web pages faster, plays any game the iPad 2 can just as easily. . . and has FLASH = thousands of free flash games available not to mention lots of flash apps. apps. . . Since Honeycomb uses the full Google Chrome web browser you get to use all the Chrome web apps (1,300) and all the Chorme extensions (13,000), and all flash games and apps (tens of thousands), and all web 2.0 apps--google docs, zoho, live office, yahoo mail, hotmail, games, etc. (tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands). Don't be fooled! Because iOS devices can only install apps from the app market they are limited. Android devices can install and use all the apps of any Android market, web apps, flash apps, etc. And to top it off, Android phone apps scale properly to use a larger screen without being all pixelated using a 2x mode like iOS device which means any properly made Android phone apps will stretch fine for the tablet and games will usually be perfect--like angry birds. The only reasons to buy and iPad 2 over a Xoom? It's thinner, slightly longer battery life, slightly lighter, and you will look like an iTool with it. Sad how ifans can't face the reality that some things are just better than their idevice. . .. get over it!

35. Misanthropos

Posts: 56; Member since: Aug 03, 2010

you are sad. you can keep posting the same articles and the same overblown opinions. i'll just keep doing my job and doing WFG returns for Motorola XOOM's every day.

39. @Misanthropos unregistered

If ifans insist on using the same old, tired, warn-out, misleading, often blatantly false, and misleading arguments and information we ought to expect them to be consistently rebutted with valid information, and if it needs to be repeated then so be it. Maybe ifans will stop with there constant bashing and misleading propaganda all the times and get over themselves and let the rest of the world enjoy the products they want and realize that not every site is an apple fanboi site that's going to give glowing reviews on crapple products every time. so you do what you gotta do and so will the rest of us ;)

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