YouTube brings clips, subscriber-only chat, and live polls to YouTube livestreams

YouTube brings clips, subscriber-only chat, and live polls to YouTube livestreams
YouTube has now finally added a few highly-requested livestream features to its platform, available and known from streaming platform Twitch, reports MobileSyrup. We are talking about Clips, Subscriber-only chat, and Live Polls.

YouTube brings Clips, Subscriber-only chat, and Live Polls to the livestreams on the platform

The first new feature, Clips, allows subscribers to capture 5-60 second clips during livestreams for sharing on social media or other platforms. YouTubers can disable this feature from the YouTube Studio's Advanced Settings. The feature is only available for YouTube streamers that have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

The second new feature that YouTube has introduced is a Susbcriber-only chat. Its name is rather self-explanatory, and the cool thing it brings is the possiblity to moderate the chat without having to deal with annoying passers-by dropping in your YouTube community conversation.

YouTubers will have the option to determine how long should a subscriber be subbed so they can send messages in this chat:

And last but not least, YouTube will now have live polls. The polls provide a way for YouTubers to know what their public likes, while at the same time, giving subscribers a way of engaging with their favorite streamers. These polls will be visible only in the livestream, and not during the replay.

The polls have 2-4 options. You can find out how to set up a live polls from Google's support page.

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