Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro officially shown off prior to launch event

Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro officially shown off prior to launch event
Yesterday we reported that Xiaomi’s launch event, centered around their 13 and 30 Pro flagships, was back on track and scheduled for later this week. Now, the company continues the hype train and releases official images of the two smartphones, along with some interesting details.

The marketing materials and details were shared by Xiaomi via their Weibo account (translated source). Overall, we’ve found out more about the phones’ materials, color options and a special all-in-one smart-tech bundle from Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi 13 in the poetic distant mountain blue. 

Starting with the Xiaomi 13 and its poetic naming of Distant Mountain Blue. While the post itself doesn’t reveal too much about the materials of the phone, we can clearly see that the phone’s back has a leather texture, even around the camera island.

The sides of the phone appear to be flat, with a glossy metallic finish, while the phone’s screen is indeed a flat one, as per recent leaks. We can also note a triple camera setup, and that Leica logo seems to confirm a collaboration with the German photography brand.

This is a joint effort which we’ve seen before in the Xiaomi 12s Ultra, which was also the first phone equipped with Sony’ s 1” IMX989 50MP sensor. We managed to test drive the 12s Ultra’s camera capabilities, all set on auto, and the results were pleasing and vibrant.

The Xiaomi 13 Pro, showcased in wilderness green. 

Now, from the images that Xiaomi shared of the 13 Pro, we can immediately observe two differences. In contrast to rumors, the Pro’s screen seems to be slightly curved on its sides, and its back does not feature the leather texture from the vanilla.

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In the post containing these images, we noticed a peculiar term: nano-microcrystalline ceramic technology, so maybe that is what is on this variant’s back. Basically, the material is a special type of ceramic, which reportedly can withstand harsh conditions effortlessly.

Xiaomi also released a trailer, which shows several phones with a non-textured back, but in blue – so, possibly, the 13 Pro in another color – getting painted over, and after that becoming cleaned with one effortless swipe of a napkin. Maybe this is some sort of hint as to what they’ve managed to achieve with the aforementioned new material.

That being said, the sides of the Pro phone have the same metallic, silvery shine, although they are more narrow on the sides, due to the display’s curvature. The camera setup looks to be the same, but we can expect there to be some differences, so we will reserve judgment until the official unveiling.

Lastly, there is the all-in-one smart-tech bundle. As you can see from the image above, what Xiaomi is calling the “Supreme set” consists of the:

  • Xiaomi 13 Pro
  • Watch S2
  • Buds 4
  • What seems to be a rugged case with a strap

All of them are in wilderness green, which is probably not going to be a color option, exclusive to the set. That being said, we don’t know if the set will be limited in any way in general, but we’re likely to find out more during the launch event.

It’s worth noting that Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun teased brown and blue watch straps only. As such, there is a slight chance that this green one may be exclusive to the set, along with the phone case, as it hasn’t been featured in any other teasers thus far.

As a fun-side note, Xiaomi also gave away some free 13 series phones to its fans via the Weibo platform, and it has stated that winners are to expect their rewards “soon”, so maybe we’re in for a release not too far in the future, after the launch event.

The event is set for the end of this week, on December 11, 2022 and will begin at 7PM local Chinese time. As such, we’ve got only a bit more to endure, before we have confirmation on all the juicy details regarding Xiaomi’s latest achievements.

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