WordleBot is here to shame your Wordle skills!

WordleBot is here to shame you
Some things in the Universe just can’t be explained by logic - like Pokemon, 80s fashion, and well… Wordle. If you happen to be one of those blissfully ignorant people who don’t know what Wordle is, check out our piece on the subject.

The fact of the matter is that the game has exploded during the past few months, and all this popularity led to the New York Times buying the game in the beginning of 2022. Now, the news behemoth has created a bot, aimed to show how good (or bad) you are playing Wordle.

The aptly named WordleBot is actually an online tool that checks your Wordle prowess and spills out a result. The algorithm judges players on three basic categories - Skill, Luck and Steps.

Your “skill” is the efficiency with which you’re guessing letters and words, while luck basically checks your results against the statistical probability. The “Steps” parameter counts the guesses you made to reach the correct solution.

You can check your Wordle result following this link, after you’ve completed the wordle of the day. There’s an option to upload a screenshot of your completed Wordle and get a result that way. Here's my (obviously inferior) solution to today's World (spoiler alert!). What's YOUR result? Brag about it in the comments below.

And if you’re bored playing Wordle, you can also try this strange battle royale version, and get obliterated. 

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