Why I might ditch my iPhone for a Galaxy Z Flip 3

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Why I might ditch my iPhone for a Galaxy Z Flip 3
Without a doubt, the most anticipated smartphones this summer are Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

While I'm not so keen on the former, due to a few pitfalls discussed in this piece, the latter might be a likely replacement for my iPhone or even my beloved Huawei P30 Pro. Yes, I'm in both boats... How's that even possible?!

Anyway... let's walk you through the reasons, or rather my reasons for considering the switch, and see if you can relate to my (so far) platonic love for the Galaxy Z Flip series.

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1. Price

Unlike its bulkier brother, the Galaxy Z Fold, the Z Flip falls into the "expensive, but affordable" bracket. That's further aided by the rumors for a significant price cut, which might bring the Galaxy Z Flip 3 close, and even below some "regular" flagship phones when it comes to cost.

The latest information points towards a price of $950, but frankly, this might end up being $999, since… you know - it has a better ring to it. Would that make the Z Flip 3 cheap? No, not exactly. Is the price justifiable? Sure… if you're after this type of device.

Really, there are only two companies - Samsung and Motorola, that make foldable phones of this kind, so it's pretty much up to them to set the bar when it comes to price. That's why more competition in this segment will definitely aid innovation and help bring the cost of these (still) novel devices down.

2. Familiar form factor & screen size

The "clamshell foldable" is still in the early stages of development, but we've used flip phones for ages! The idea is the same - having a phone that fits in your pocket, but works as any other "normal" device. This makes the learning curve from switching to a clamshell-style foldable less noticeable, especially if you have a past love for flip phones!

A big reason to buy an iPhone 8 (yes, that's right!) is because it's pocketable. I use it when I go for a walk or a jog, and it's just refreshing having a "normal-sized" phone in your pocket. However for anything other than that and perhaps one-hand usability, the iPhone 8 wouldn't be my go-to.

That's why I also have a Huawei P30 Pro, which as it turns out is simply too big (with a case) to hold it in my hands or pocket while jogging. Do you see the pattern? I need a small... but also a big phone?! 

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As an added bonus, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is said to get a much larger external display, making it more functional for quick replies to messages, notifications, or simply viewing the time and date. The tiny outer screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G was more of an annoyance than something useful.

Furthermore, this clamshell design solves another serious problem - fragileness. At least when it comes to your main (inner) display.

Smartphones nowadays are more expensive than they've ever been. The same applies to getting them fixed when they break. Therefore, I'd take this extra reassurance of an always-protected screen any day! That's probably a good time to call for a plastic body on the next Galaxy Z Flip 4, which will further enhance the durability of the device. Why not?!

Now, don't get me wrong. I realize foldable phones will still be fragile for different reasons... It's a given. However, displays are by far the most expensive part of your phone, so protecting them can go a long way, even if that means you might need to buy a foldable, in which case the mechanism is somewhat inherently more prone to (other) mishaps.

Last but not least, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is (of course) going to be much lighter than a big foldable, but it's also going to be lighter than many other "normal" smartphones with a 6.7-inch screen. It's the smaller battery and plastic screen to thank for that.

The difference will be anywhere between 10-50 grams, and trust me - although this might be negligible on a laptop or a tablet, you definitely feel the difference when it comes to a smartphone!

3. A productivity powerhouse

I know - that's controversial, but... hear me out!

In my current job/lifestyle, productivity oftentimes:

  1. Isn't related to a smartphone and can't be done on a smartphone
  2. Requires less "smartphone distraction" and more concentration

Whether it's an office job as a writer (me!), a PA, or an office manager, your smartphone is often an enemy rather than a friend when it comes to your ability to be productive and focused.

What about students? My phone was a great tool when I needed to take a quick note or snap a photo with important information, but the number of times it hindered my productivity because I went on a social media or YouTube rabbit hole…

What about day-to-day activities like hanging out with your friends or family? Everyone's seen or been a "scroller". It's annoying; it takes away from our relationships with people and makes us less… human.

So, if you weren't able to work it out by now, what I'm saying is that having a phone which doesn't present you with a large beautiful screen that stares at you and invites you to grab and start using it in a split second… can be great for productivity!

It's something that might actually reinforce "productivity that matters". Whether that's for your job, school project or just helps you avoid being the "scroller". It's a "reverse product psychology" idea that might encourage you to use your shiny foldable phone less but make you so much more productive when it matters.

FYI: I totally made the "reverse product psychology" thing up, so don't Google it.

4. Looks

Who's with me?! The Galaxy Z Flip 3 looks much better than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Of course, this one is subjective, but in my view, the Flip appears to have a little bit more... character. It might be down to the two-tone design and the overall slender look, compared to its bigger brother, but something about it speaks to me.

Although I never owned one, I was a big fan of the Google Pixel 2 XL's Panda colorway. Despite the fact that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 isn't likely to give us a black and white option (according to the leaks), anything that comes close to The Pixel 2 design is a win in my book.

I just wanted a Pixel 2 XL so bad! Maybe I should buy one...

In the end…

Is the Galaxy Z Flip 3 perfect? Well, we definitely don't know since it's not out yet. However, as with any other phone that's ever existed - it won't suit everyone's taste, and that's OK!

In fact, I actually don't like that it:

  • Leaves a gap when it's folded - leaked images suggest this will still be the case with the Flip 3
  • Has a noticeable crease - unless Samsung's managed to improve it
  • Doesn't offer the best camera system - although if the cameras on this one turn out to be identical to those from the Galaxy S21, they'd be more than good enough
  • Charges slowly and has mediocre battery life, compared to "regular" flagships
  • Isn't water-resistant

But as I said - that's fine. This phone isn't supposed to cater to everyone's taste. However, if you want a device that stands out and will flip some heads; encourages you to use it less and be more productive when it matters; and makes you feel like you're living both in the past (flip phones shout out), and the future - this might be your phone!

Is it going to be my next phone? I'll definitely wait for the official price and reviews before placing my order (I advise you to do the same), but if those turn out to be positive - I might actually make the jump!

Is the Galaxy Z Flip the best option for those who need a compact device?

Yes - it's the best of both worlds... Small when you need to put it in your pocket, and big when you need to type and watch videos!
I'm not sure. It might still be too big when unfolded, and annoying when you want to quickly check or do something.
No! I'd rather have a "normal" phone which simply isn't too big - like the Pixel 5 or iPhone 12 Mini.

Do you agree with the "productivity" theory from the third point made in the article?

Yes! I understand and can relate to this. I wish I used my phone less, so I can be more productive at my job, school, or improve my relationships with people.
I don't know... It's an interesting point, but I can't relate.
Not really. My occupation/lifestyle involves using my phone for many truly productive tasks!

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