WhatsApp’s synced locked chats with linked devices are now rolling out in beta

WhatsApp’s synced locked chats with linked devices are now rolling out in beta
WhatsApp, the popular and global messaging app owned by Meta, is constantly evolving to improve the user experience for its billions of users. In its latest beta update available via the Google Play Store (version the app is introducing a new feature that prioritizes privacy: locked chats for linked devices. This new development was initially reported by WABetaInfo and is currently being rolled out to select beta testers, hinting at a wider release in the near future.

In a previous version, WhatsApp had already started to develop a feature that would allow users to lock their chats on linked devices. Now, this feature has entered the testing phase, and some beta testers have already gained access to it.

The new feature offers an additional layer of security by requiring users to create a secret code to access the locked chats folder on their linked devices. To set up this code, users need to access the secret code screen within the locked chats list on their primary phone. Once configured, the locked conversations will vanish from the chats list on linked devices and can only be accessed through the locked chats screen. Importantly, the secret code is synchronized across all linked devices, ensuring seamless access to protected chats using a single passcode.

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The implementation of locked chats on linked devices brings significant benefits in terms of both privacy and user convenience. By splitting protected conversations from the regular chats list, WhatsApp reduces the risk of accidental exposure and ensures a higher level of protection. Additionally, the synchronization of the secret code across all devices simplifies the process of accessing locked chats, doing away with the need to remember multiple passcodes.

The locked chats feature for linked devices is a valuable addition that provides peace of mind to users who want to safeguard their sensitive conversations across all their mobile devices. As WhatsApp continues to expand the availability of this feature to more beta testers, it is clear that the company is prioritizing user privacy in its ongoing development efforts. Hopefully, this features makes it to the stable version of the app fairly quickly.

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