Don't click on that WhatsApp update pink theme installation link!

Don't click on that WhatsApp pink theme installation link
Another week, another WhatsApp vulnerability spreading like wildfire among group chats in the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform. The so-called pink theme WhatsApp scam is this time around masquerading as an official update you have to click on in order to switch the theme to pink from the venerable green color, as well as add a few other promised features.

Instead of the promises, however, the unsuspecting user who tapped or clicked on the faux update link may witness the hijacking of their account. That's right, this new fraudulent update can deprive you of WhatsApp account access, and hack it while you are away from it.

How to react if you get the WhatsApp pink theme update viral message

In case you clicked the WhatsApp pink theme update link consciously, or do not recall but have lost access or are suspicious something strange may be happening to your WhatsApp account, here's what you need to do according to this security researcher:

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