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WhatsApp for iOS will be getting redesigned chat bubbles in a future update

WhatsApp for iOS will be getting redesigned chat bubbles in a future update
WhatsApp has been working hard on implementing loads of new features recently, and many of them have already made their way to the beta version of the popular messaging app, and some have even gotten official releases. Now, Redmondpie reports about another improvement the chat app is going to get: redesigned chat bubbles.

WhatsApp will be getting redesigned chat bubbles

The new look that chat bubbles will be getting on WhatsApp is currently under development and not available to beta testers yet; however, WABetaInfo has shown a preview of what the change will look like. The chat bubbles will be a bit bigger for improved visibility and will have more rounded corners. Although this change is anything but dramatic, it makes the chat look sleeker and more balanced visually.

Here's a preview of what the new look will be:

The images above show a comparison with the old chat bubbles and the new ones that WhatsApp is currently working on, for both light and dark modes of the app. The more modern look is a slight touch to the chat service.

This change is reportedly going to come to WhatsApp for iOS, while this redesign has been available for testers on Android since WhatsApp beta version There is no precise date on when the new chat bubbles for WhatsApp on iPhones will be globally available at the moment.

WhatsApp recent updates and beta changes

The most recent change WhatsApp got is a welcome addition to people who want to easily and seamlessly transfer their chat history from iOS to Android. This feature was in development for a few months and on Friday, it was officially announced by the company. The first phones to receive the new feature are Samsung phones running Android 10 or higher.

For transferring old chats from your old iPhone to your new one, you will need a USB-C to Lightning cable. The app you'll need on your new phone is called Samsung SmartSwitch app version or higher, and the version your WhatsApp on the iPhone needs to be is or higher.

In the beta testing department, WhatsApp has also been spotted to work on different experience enhancing features recently. One of them is the chat reactions feature, which allows you to react to messages you have received with an emoji. This feature is already present on many other chat services and popular media platforms, so its addition to the WhatsApp experience is something that will make the app even more modern.

For example, back in 2017, Facebook introduced the feature of message reactions to Messanger, and that's around 4 years ago. Since then, many chat apps have grasped how fun and easy it is to react to a text or image with an emoji, and have implemented similar solutions to their platforms (some even have customizable emoji reactions); however, WhatsApp has been without such a feature for a long while now. And hopefully, it will be getting it pretty soon.

Earlier, WhatsApp has also been reported to work on establishing more options for the time limit for disappearing messages. This way, you will be able to set up messages to be automatically deleted after some period of time, but the current option WhatsApp has is 7 days. The app will be getting 24 hours and the long 90-days period for the disappearing messages in a future update as well.

Last but not least, users on iOS will be getting more options for the quality of the photo they would like to send. WhatsApp is working on giving three options "Best Quality", "Data Saver", and "Auto". Before that, all photos on the platform were heavily compressed when sent.
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