WhatsApp working on a useful Telegram-like poll feature for groups

WhatsApp working on a useful Telegram-like poll feature for groups
A feature that Telegram has had for years is now going to be present in WhatsApp, reports MySmartPrice. The ability to create polls in group chats is something that WhatsApp is currently working on, and should make its way to a future WhatsApp version.

WhatsApp testing polls for Group Chats

Polls are a great way to interact with a large group of people and are quite helpful to reach a decision or to know what your group of friends thinks about an idea. Telegram, another popular instant messaging app, has had this feature for a while now, and WhatsApp is finally testing it to implement it to WhatsApp users.

WABetaInfo was the first to discover the feature in WhatsApp for iOS beta version v2.22.6.70. The feature is still under development, so it is not available for public beta testers right now.

The poll option will be available only for WhatsApp groups, and it will be end-to-end encrypted, including the answers the other users give to it. Basically, end-to-end encryption is something WhatsApp is quite popular with, and it will be present for the poll feature as well. This pretty much means only the people in the group will be able to get access to the poll and its results.

As you can see on the screenshot, there will be a new user interface with a text field for your question, accompanied by a Create button, as well as a Cancel button. However, as this feature is still under development, it is still unknown what the maximum number of options will be if there will be any restrictions on the number of responses or how long you will be able to vote on a poll.

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And as this is a feature in beta, an official release date is not yet announced for it. As usual, beta testers will get to see how this feature works first, as WhatsApp works to get rid of any bugs and improve on it before it launches it for the general public.

This is not the only feature WhatsApp is currently working on

The poll option has currently been spotted in the iOS version of the popular chat app, but that doesn't mean it won't be coming to Android. In the meantime, WhatsApp has also been testing many other useful features. Let's see what the most recent features currently in testing for the chat app are.

Currently, you have a somewhat lengthy process to follow if you wish to search from your messages in WhatsApp, which includes locating a specific chat or group chat window, then tapping on the three-dots menu and searching. However, it seems that the app will be getting a simpler way to search for a message in a future update.

WhatsApp beta for Android version brings a new search shortcut to solve this issue. Although it sounds similar to WhatsApp's current solution for searches, it is different in the way that it allows you to search right from the info page of personal contacts and groups, without having to go to a specific group or chat where you think the message was sent.

Apart from that, WhatsApp is also working on the long-awaited message reactions, which will allow you to express your reaction to a message with an emoji.

Another feature that WhatsApp is working on is a redesigned voice call user interface. Beta version is showing a revamped user interface that should be coming to the app. With the new improved voice call UI, you will be able to see real-time voice waveforms are going to come to calls. The app has recently rolled out similar waveforms for audio messages.

Keep in mind that, as these features here are in beta, which they may change as they undergo development before they get their official global release.

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