Verizon quickly and steeply discounts its costly Motorola Edge (2022) variant

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Verizon quickly and steeply discounts its costly Motorola Edge (2022) variant
Unveiled a little over a month ago as a prime new candidate for the title of best mid-range phone out there, the 5G-enabled Motorola Edge (2022) was not only quickly picked up by two of the top three US mobile network operators but also deeply discounted (from an already reasonable price) with just one or two strings attached.

In addition to arriving late to the availability party of this budget-friendly bad boy, Verizon essentially overlooked the affordable component of its value proposition, charging an arguably excessive 660 bucks for basically the same device sold for $500 (with no special conditions) at both T-Mobile and AT&T.

Motorola Edge (2022)

5G, 256GB Storage, Mineral Gray, New Line Required
$659 99
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Fortunately (and completely unsurprisingly), the newest member of the extensive Motorola Edge portfolio is now marked down by Big Red as well with a new line of "select" wireless service. Unfortunately, this $300 price cut (applied to your bill as monthly credits over a period of three years) still cannot rival with the phone's 100 percent T-Mo discount.

Of course, a $300 savings with no mandatory number port-in or device trade-in is definitely nothing to sneeze at, leaving you on the hook for 36 monthly payments of 10 bucks each or $360 all in all after you take the aforementioned credits into consideration.

For what it's worth, Verizon's Motorola Edge (2022) 5G variant comes with double the 128GB internal storage space of the same handset on T-Mobile and AT&T, as well as an identical 8GB RAM count, reasonably powerful (especially by sub-$400 standards) MediaTek Dimensity 1050 processor, buttery-smooth 144Hz OLED display with a generous 6.6-inch diagonal and decent 2400 x 1080 pixel count, 5,000mAh battery capable of charging at 30W speeds (15W wirelessly), and 50 + 13 + 2MP triple rear-facing camera system.

Not to be confused with the slightly older, costlier, and considerably more advanced Edge+ (2022), this thing is certainly no Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra alternative, but compared to, say, the Galaxy A53 5G, it's probably the better overall option.

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